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  1. acky

    Win2DS v0.5

    Awesome, I love it.
  2. acky

    Help, please

    I believe you need to have WEP disabled.
  3. Use a shell script.
  4. Thanks Bafio! This version is awesome, quite aethetically pleasing. It will be so awesome with the new wifi lib. Looking forward to not having to have to turn WEP on and off.
  5. Same issue... except I can't even see dschat.kicks-ass.org <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Is WEP off?
  6. No. You do not assign the same IP your computer is on.
  7. So there will be a server application? Will it handle things like channels?
  8. acky

    Win2DS v0.4

    Cheers Sintax, this was the feature I was waiting for.
  9. acky

    Win2DS v0.3

    I noticed that there's an inconsistency between the cursor displayed on the DS and the cursor displayed on the monitor. The cursor on the DS will be higher and more to the left than it actually is. The red circle in my screenshot shows where my cursor was pointed.
  10. acky

    UDP to TCP

    They both have their pros and cons. Nothing is perfect.
  11. acky

    Win2DS v0.3

    Gaaah that was a suggestion I put in also. So hard to please everyone >.< <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Never mind me, I'm probably a minority. I had a play around with it just then and it's awesome. Thank you so much for your effort
  12. acky

    Win2DS v0.3

    Awesome update. Thank you for taking the suggestions onboard! I sorta liked it better when the zoomed view pointed into the corner though. Just a word about using the DS's WiFi config, I don't think DHCP works properly. My WiFi settings are configured for DHCP therefore I can't use the options from there; I have to manually assign everything.
  13. Hahaha change your subdomain.
  14. acky

    Win2DS v0.2

    I'm planning on using the Nintendo WiFi data to setup your connection in the next version, but this doesn't have any bearing on whether WEP works or not. It's not finished in the lib yet. The keyboard works quite well for me, if you try some different way of doing it, you could probably find a way that works well. If you do firm not-too-quick taps, it works well. Although I will move it to the center of the screen. The M3 needs to have Power_ON(POWER_ALL) used for homebrew to work, or so I've heard. There is a loader that you can append to programs so that they do this, but that's all I can tell you. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> The keyboard works well for me as well. The highlighting really lets you know what you're pressing so you can must hover over the right key then release. I don't see how you could make the keyboard any better than it already is.
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