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  1. Offcourse that doesnt work. That soft AP thing only works for things based on things that have a ralink 25xx chipset in it. And does the nintendo USB thingie have that? No, offcourse not. They have some nintendo chipset or whatever inside of them. Im not 100% sure but it's safe to say that it doesn't. And as far as i know no-one else has been working on getting wifime to run with a nintendo USB connector, so to run wifime you'll have to buy a card with a ralink 25xx chipset or well, just use a passme/flashme since it does the same. If you want to play WMB demo's i think it's also possible to just flash them to a card and start them from the DS directly.
  2. The opera browser will rock. Opera has allways been just as good, if not better then firefox, and they have MUCH more experience programming for small-display devices like telephones and PDA's. Were really lucky that opera is building the browser
  3. Its not like sgstair did all his work just so someone could make a browser. Hell no its for tons of things like internet playable homebrew games, or internet chat, and those remote access programs (or he just did it for the bounty ) And about buying it, well. The browser will most likely be released on a normal cart just like a game. And so it will probably dumped as a rom the day it comes out.
  4. In another note: http://www.opera.com/pressreleases/en/2006/02/15/ A webbrowser for the DS is already being made by the great guys at opera
  5. I hope you don't mind me starting a suggestion thread sintax. I was typing a list of suggestions in the stickied thread, but it dawned to me that it would probably be easier for you to have suggestions in a separate thread. So i thougt i'd make one. So for everyone, please keep your suggestions in this post to make it easier for sintax to find them. Anyway my suggestions as of now in v0.2: Make the ABXY button zoomed view scrolling a bit faster. Currently it scrolls the zoomed view by.. what 5 pixels ? I suggest you make it scroll by at least 25, maybe even 50 Hold button support on the virtual keyboard. Like when you hold a key on a real keyboard it will type it a lot of times. A mouse pointer shown on the top and bottom screen. With screenshots windows doesn't include the mousepointer, and it would prolly be pretty complicated to capture that data. But it should be possible to just render a mousepointer wherever you touch the touchscreen on the DS right ?. A mousepointer (especially in the zoomed view) would help a lot with selecting buttons on the tiny full screen Some button that binds to keyboard arrow down. Preferably on d-pad down since that isn't used ATM. Having a down button would make webbrowsing a tad easier since you don't have to open the keyboard or try and find the scroll bar. Saveable settings. Some way so that the program just saves the settings you have so you don't have to alter the IP's, and speed up the screenshot transfer speed everytime. Anyway those are my suggestions, your choice what to do with them sintax
  6. Been trying v0.2 for a while now, and its pretty sweet . It seems a lot more stable then pointyremote. It's alresdy pretty much usable. Only serious bug i've noticed is that after a while if you unminimize the server it can fuxor winfows a bit graphicly. But closing the program and refreshing the screen fixes that.
  7. I saw you updated on http://www.drunkencoders.com/ and downloaded both the new wifitransfer & chat but neither works for me :/ So heres some debug data for you Ok im using a M3 SD, firmware 14, copy the games to the flashcart with direct copy & no trim (so it makes a savegame) But it doesnt work, for wifitransfer: I start the server, runs fine, no errors, select directory. (suggestion: it would be handy for future releases if it saved the directory you pick for when you start the program again) Then i try the DS side. So when does it ask for settings ? And can i try put my own settings file on the sd card ?. Because of this, well i cant run wifichat either because it needs the settings from wifitransfer :/ Anyway i hope this information can help you in fixing it
  8. What asus card do you have ? Is it on this list ?: http://ralink.rapla.net/ If yes, you can run a soft AP, more information on how to do that here: http://wiki.pocketheaven.com/Ralink_niwifi
  9. nvm i finnaly got it to work. I'll make a short guide: ---------------- On the "connect to AP" screen: IP = DS IP, do it in the same range as your server, so if server is, make the DS IP something like Gateway = Server IP DNS = Server IP Then connect, should be successful, and you'll get the UDPtest(pointyremote) button. The DS IP will be automaticly entered here, but you want to change this to the Server IP. Then connect, and you get 2 black screeens, but that's normal, press A & B to update the screens and it should work. You'll need to keep pressing A & B since it doesn't auto update the screens. Other buttons: A= update zoomed view B= update complete (gral) view R= Switch screens (for interaction, click on the complete view to move the location of the zoomed view, click on the zoomed view to control it as a mouse) Select = Bring up keyboard (use "\" as enter\return) --------------- Anyway program works good enough, allthough it is a bit unstable. It seems to crash after 5~10 minutes of use on my M3 SD, but for the rest, keep up the good work
  10. Also as a makeshift browser, you could use pointyremote or win2ds heh
  11. Call me a noob, but can someone post a guide on how to configure this ? I can run WinDS easily enough, but i don't know where to fill in what data with pointyremote. Where do i fill in the ip of the DS itself ? And where of the server ?. I've tried a couple of combinations, with changing the Ip's at the connect to AP and at the UDP test screen but i get nothing but black screens.
  12. This looks really awesome. I tried it, and it seemed to work on my M3 SD, but i haven't run wifitransfer yet so no settings . I'll just wait till a next release that has settable settings. Anyway i can't wait for a working online version Also as a suggestion, for the server program, could you make it have an option so it saves every picture you make/send to the computer ? This would be awesome for just doodling while your bored. I've made a ton of doodles myself but well there all lost since you want to play games once in a while to Also, i bet it would make the people at http://ndsart.net/ very happy to have an saving function, no need for going through the trouble of making pictures of the doodles with a camera.
  13. im hoping you'll make a version that works with the wifi lib later. The only reason im not trying this right now.... is because i want my wifi driver on soft AP so i can play mario kart
  14. Mhh interesting idea.. want to test this. But i get an error.. needs mswinsck.ock.. so where do i get that. Also how does this program work exactly ? You run dschat on your PC and then communicate with it using the wifi lib test ?. Or does it broadcast a download game or something ?
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