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PointyRemote release 0.000015a (07-02-06)


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Hi Pointless, great app you've got going here. I was using Win2DS or DS2Win (whichever its called) but since .14 of pointRemote I have switched as it is much better!


GrupstraNDS, you say the server executable no longer uses so much CPU time and seeing as this was the only downside of pointyremote in my eyes, I was very excited to try this. Unfortunately, I have found that the CPU is still spanked just as heavily by server.exe as it always was. I know that the CPU cycles must be there for a reason but are there any future plans to optimise code to reduce this? Please don't see this as a moan or whine, I'm just curious about the future development of pR.


Congrats on the best piece of homebrew I have had the pleasure to use, ever! :punk:

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yeap, i'll re-write everithing up with tcp, but not now :punk:


lol, yeah I didn't mean any time soon


what pc do u have?


Its a P4 Prescott 2.8 (clocked at 3GHz) with 1GB of Dual-DDR 400 - not a slow machine! I wonder if GrupstraNDS has an AMD based system and if that has anything to do with it....

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It does work OK, in fact it works great. I just thought that the high CPU usage (about 40% of my 3GHz P4) was dis-proportionate to the amount of work the app does (I could be wrong there though, I'm no programmer!)


If server.exe is running my CPU will have a constant load of 30-50% and WinXP becomes quite sluggish and jerky. This is not a huge problem as I can close server.exe when I'm in front of the machine, I just wondered if you were aware of this and whether there's any way to reduce CPU load without forfeiting performance.



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it's not normal :/ when i use it i get 2% of cpu use (running all the things that usually run on my pc)

i get a maximun of 10 (dont know if it's cause of the server or other things)


and in the xp 1700 i get a 7% use and peaks of 14

a pentium with that clock should not have too much problems running the server

the onlyu thing the server does is sending a cache of the procesed image on udp port :/


i'll search why this is happening

any other pentium user with the same problems?

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P.Less.. with Tpc/ip working. there will be any speed improvment?


I have a Ideia..


theres a way to use a bigger image in zoom view so we can navigate a little bit with D-Pad... ( like PSP browser do with Web Pages.. )


this will be amazing for reading stuffs!



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