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The New Generation of 1Emulation

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Today was the day I finally realized how much hard work everyone has put into this site. Almost everyday I consider making this site better or just giving up. The reason why I made this post is because we have many people in our community come and go everyday. It is my duty to keep them here on 1Emulation for as long as possible. I think in many ways I have failed to do so.


Recently, I spoke with the owner of PDRoms.de & RetroGuru.com, Kojote. He's a very kind man and much different than the others in the emulation scene. He's willing to speak to you and actually enjoys it. Nevertheless, he's been in the scene much longer than I have and is very famous when it comes to public domain roms (PDRoms). As I was hanging around in his IRC channel (#pdroms), I asked him if he visits 1Emulation regularly. I was first quite happy with the response, but then I realized that we need a lot of work.


[23:05] So do you check 1Emulation everyday?

[23:05] How did you find us?

[23:06] Hell, I'm surprised you even recognized me ;)

[23:06] heh it's an old page

[23:06] and i HARDLY check it

[23:06] the news are pretty slow :)

[23:07] You talking about 1emulation? lol

[23:08] i do

[23:09] Well, we are a little slow. Mostly because we're all really busy

[23:09] i've 2 jobs and i am busy as hell too :)

[23:09] that is no excuse :)

I think I speak for all of us that we were pretty damn slow. Lately, I have zo phar tryed to be much faster in news posting. With the implementation of our new staff members everyday (yes, just another today :P), we're working hard to get better. I think the key is get new blood flowing in this place and more motivation. All I want is everyone to notice and see how we will evolve faster and better in the coming weeks. No matter how lame people may think this is, but Kojote has really inspired me to reach farther than ever. For a person of his criteria in the scene, his comment was really a slap in the face (for the better). We are working diligently in providing the best emulation and gaming news possible for our audience. Lastly, there are several more tips and tricks we have to stay alive *hit the music*. So we're not done yet folks. :o


A public announcement will be made for all our new staff members very soon.

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Top Posters In This Topic

I am pretty new to the scene. Even though I have been playing with emulators since NESticles came out. But I am just getting into the community of things. It was hard then getting online with my crappy 33,6kbps modem. Hopefully I can find some good news for you people to read. :P

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well you got a lifer here...I think that most people stick to the site that tought them everything...for me the xbox section was a great hub for word on kawa-x hacks...then with Bpairs and Tmaul (godfather of "Flicker Filter : 0" ) were available here....


Since I came here I got 2 cabs :


25in Neogeo MVS-2 BigRed


29in Neocandy 29 rotated Vert for shooters


Thanks to 1emu they both have bullet proof frontends that will only get better! :P

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sammaz PM my new project is pretty special :P if you liked MamedOX



GameCOP your the man and have helped me heaps by having a forum with many people that helped me, other sites are full of people that have no idea and hinder projects rather than help

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I have grown out of emulation.


But I still stick around just for the heck of posting wrestling news now and then :o


And posting nonsense :P


Unless....there is a PSP emu forum for me to indulge in........

*hint* *hint*

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I personally dont see much advantages in daily news. It doesnt matter much wether i use ZSNES 1.41 or 1.43, most games work anyway.


If you want a growing site, you should try to automate the news stuff.

Talk to the emu authors wether they can provide the scene with some RSS feed you can grab and parse serverwise. Or parse their websites and grab the latest news posted there.

Instead of hunting news, use the safed time and keep the forum active and work on the community and increase useabilty. :P

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I personally dont see much advantages in daily news. It doesnt matter much wether i use ZSNES 1.41 or 1.43, most games work anyway.

There is no ZSNES v1.43 but that's going on a tangent.


I do agree that automation is something we should at least try. I've grown somewhat tired of hunting for emulation news, because most of those news are something that do not affect me in any way.


I would like to see somekind of a solution where certian people would only post PSP news, certain people only DS news, generall emulation, general gaming, arcade (MAME), etc. etc... Instead of all the Staff Members posting news left and right, from all categories.

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