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The New Generation of 1Emulation

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P.S. MadMan: I may be interested. Please PM me more information about it. Maybe a screenshot, perhaps?




You should remember it :)

I used IPB there too plus some custom coding on the frontpage, since i let the domain expire,

the design is vacant and you can use it if you like.

I should have the files on my LinuxBox, if you are interested i will check the stuff

The images in the tables rotate randomly upon reload.



I never even look at the front page news. straight to the forums, then I see nothing is going on so straight out.

that's exactly what I do :D


The forum is a bit too focused on emulation, not much else too discuss here. Maybe add some more chitchat forums and sort other inactive forums into one bigger, i.e. merge the inactive forums into a bigger, then more active one.

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First and foremost, this is an emulation site. Everything else is secondary. If people feel the need to talk about something else, Current Affairs is always open (and the Spam Forum for Premium Members).

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Yeah Agozer, this is an Emu site, but people dont only talk about emulation. See, its not people waste their entire day with solving emulator problems. If so, this forum would be much more active. But usually, after having stuff set up, people actually play and dont ask about emu stuff any longer. Even the forum topics suggest its only about emulation. Why name it "DreamCast Emulation Section" ? Name it "DreamCast Section". And then we can talk about homebrewing software, coding, MOD Chip insertion and other stuff in there.


So if i have finally set up my emus and all works fine, what can this site do for me ? There is not much actually. I think that was the main prob of my own site too. (Besides a misleading name...) We claim people come and go and there is no community here. Thats why. People come here, learn how to get started, and then leave for different reasons. One may be that there is not much on the general emu site that keeps people coming back once they learned the basics. Its for me this way, and i guess a lot of the oldbies agree with me here. Once you know about it, you dont want to see the 500th "Where do i get game xyz?" Question on the forums. And thats what most emusites are about. How can a forum be of help, if the oldbies leave for boredom ?


Maybe changing from an EMUgaming site to an emuGAMING site will help.

I saw "guess the game by screenshot", "guess the game music", highscore and timechasing contests on other sites.


Set up a game help forum like gamefaqs. Provide savegames. Provide cheats. Add some additional value to 1emu besides 30 minute news.

Invest your precious time into additional value, and leave the news stuff to those sites known for it. (I'd bet most of you go to ngemu to grab news). Doesnt make much sense either IMHO to post news about every 0.02 version of some unknown emu out there.

I believe then this site will prosper.


Speaking of the site, also consider wether the IRC stuff will draw people off the site, and quickly ask on IRC rather then posting ? Maybe easier for them, but it doesnt add to the boards activity. Even oldbie members here said they go straight to the forums, see there is nothing new, and then leave. Merge some forums to have a better overview on the site, dont slash the noob with dozend forums.


See, the news are not what we emu-oldbies are interested in. We know how stuff works, where to get the games and play em. The n00bs coming here got no clue, what the heck Gens, Mame or VBA mean. (VBA is a coding language too)


If you want an active community, you must serve the emu-oldbies needs. Otherwise this site will (stay?) and newbie-rush-through site.


Dont get me wrong, i biatch and moan cause i think you people here are emu addicted, and that this site maybe one of the few, that have potential, as long as you dont go the way of the common emusites.

This is the only emusite i visit regulary, though i didnt post much last year, but i would hate to see this site suffer. (Check my member no.)


Consider what GameCop said (slightly altered to make my point):


Almost everyday I consider [...] just giving up.


Why ? I think hes frustrated about all his work not growing fruits. Just like i was before giving up maybe one of the best emu related domain names ever.


Try something new. Make a difference. Be different. Stand out of the crowd.


K, edited this post a dozend times now, i think im done :)

Edited by Madman
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There has been quite a bit of talk about the current board structure, and why it needs an overhaul... It will change in time, so that hopefully the different section come off as being more "open" (like the Dreamcast Emulation Section ---> Dreamcast Section.

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I personaly feel the best way to grow as a site during this time is through your community. The community is what will make your site grow and expand your popularity. I agree with the above post about expanding the forums to cover more of what the community wants and to make yourself standout from the rest. Right now the emulation news scene is pretty saturated and a lot of people have their favorite sites. Its hard to gain new people to your site with news coverage alone which is why I said the community is the key. I know a lot of sites that rely on news alone and they don't get the amount of coverage they deserve and one of the main reasons for that is they do not offer anything more then just news.


As far as community goes here at 1Emulation I think its great and has a lot of long time vets who keep it going strong. 1Emulation already has a strong base to grow from and I think GameCop gets down on himself too much. Its not easy trying to make a site popular especially in an old scene like emulation. A lot of sites have come and gone because they didn't reach the popularity they wished for. I put my own site through hell and back trying to grow and become more popular and I did reach some nice success but I can relate to how GameCop feels. You put a lot of hard work in a site and you do the best you can but it doesn't seem like anything changes no matter how hard you try. I wish I had the answers and explanation why some sites are very popular while other sites get little attention but are better sites. One example I can use is sites such as NGEmu (not trying to knock them but they fit my example). They almost never update their news and their content is out of date yet at the same time they are a very popular site. Some of it comes from their strong community base, popular hosted sites such as ePSXe and PCSX2 and from reputation. What makes NGEmu more popular then 1Emulation? I really don't know and this is where some frustration comes from. You can make a site better then one of more popular sites but not get the same or better results.


On the other hand I have seen 1Emulation grow leaps and bounds over the past year. 1Emulation used to have very little emulation coverage and only a handful of hosted projects. Over the past year the news coverage is spot on and you guys now host some really nice projects. I think you are going in the right direction and shouldn't let the goal of being popular ruin your fun of running a great site.

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I have to agree with most of the stuff that Madman said, especially about IRC, the current state of news posting and our "target audience". We've come a long way, and things have improved tremendously, but sometimes I keep thinking "Are we trying a little too hard, and for who?".

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