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The New Generation of 1Emulation

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My point. It should be fun for the "advanced" emugamer to come here, and for the team to add content.

Building a community is the key. And additional value. While the community will grow due to the people the additional content will draw here.


Emulation as a site topic has the downside, that the only news are about emulator updates. No more games coming up you could cover, no more rumors. The key question is, what makes emulation our hobby ? Is it the emulators themselves or is it the games ? If its the emulators, cover them in endless news on the mainpage, if its the games, push the news into some sidemodule, and focus on the games. Im sure it will be more fun to add long-lasting content to the site than news that are due in a week or two.


1emu has a lot more potential than my former site, due to the team working on it. I was on my own, while here a team has formed that is interested in emulation in the long term, not just a few people who try it out some months and then move on.


Im justing making suggestions, its your site and you people should decide which direction to take now as you found the site being "unpleasant". But you should do your best to make working on the site fun for you and not depressing. People will note the difference soon.

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