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  1. i've tried putting them separately and tried putting them together as well... an error pops up sayin 41_gfx5.rom couldnt be found...
  2. i d/led the sf2kouryu.zip frm neo arcadia n inmy roms listings it doesnt show up... i made sure my dat file has the needed stuff but it seems like i need more files... can any1 help me? thanx
  3. i have tried it too and it works~! thanx!
  4. ARGH~! i'm tryin to register but i juz cant seem to... can some1 help me?...
  5. oh ok... thanx, i guess i'll stick to the mame version for a while~!
  6. i use kawaks i haf the mslug5nd.zip file i put the needed stuff into my add.dat i run the game but it says it is for use with original snk boards only... any help?
  7. hi i'm frm singapore too i also discovered dis wonderful forum while lookin fer svc (i still tink cvs2 is the best!) anyway i collect games n consoles. but recently my consoles started puking the cds and cartridges back at me... so i had to emulate... i support the companies dat make games!(i'm in the gaming industry myself) but i tink emulating is really kewl too~! hope to see dis site top the rest in years to come~! gr8 site gamecop~!
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