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  1. OK, thanks... that's all I wanted to know But still, that's strange. Why the hell was it included with my DC...
  2. Hm... The problem is, that the S-Video cable is smaller then the original one... See for yourself:
  3. No, the hz doesn't change anything... It doesen't matter if I choose 50 or 60hz BUT Can someone tell me, why do I need this cable? Because this doesn't fit in here. And why do I need this ? hint: click
  4. Strange, if I'm playing "Sonic Adventures", I've got the same problem.. the stripes and stuff. But the game is PAL and also is the console... is the problem in my TV ?
  5. When it reads a disk, there are some strange stripes running over the TV... WTF?
  6. Has someone heard something new?... about the BIG surprise
  7. interpol - say hello to the angels Am I the only one, who knows them? Interpol I mean
  8. Old Spiderman (90') Ghost in the shell Simpsons Too much to name :/
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