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  1. Both already long gone...and my Windows 7, YARR.
  2. I stuck to my word(sort of), now running Debian on my laptop as well as my server. Desktop is a gaming rig, and will stay on Windows 7 as long as I can.
  3. Sorry for your loss, my little sister died of it when she was 2(I was 3)...I still have memories of it(the police, EMS etc), which really sucks because I don't remember ANYTHING else at that age. Was he not vaccinated for it? They have vaccines here now, and all my kids are.
  4. I can connect using Filezilla...I get an auth error mind you, because I don't have any login credentials(That I can recall)
  5. Microsoft now able to disable any software it deems as pirated, or unauthorized...as well as UNAUTHORIZED HARDWARE. One more reason to avoid this piece of shit OS, and more reason to push me to Linux for my desktop OS, already been running a headless Debian server here for several years.
  6. I just want the stupid icon in my system tray gone...no interest in Windows 8.2
  7. I am making this thread to list any dedicated servers that users are running they would like to share. As much information as possible and/or necessary should be listed, and links to any additional downloads needed provided where possible(for things such as map packs etc). I have a game server list set up @ http://gameservers.nanomonkey.ca where I will add your server if it is supported (Pretty much anything that utilized Gamespy or ASE is, and others). If you have a Minecraft server running on McMyAdmin, provide me with a link to it's "Status.png" and I will put it in with your server details. If neither is relevant to your server, and you have another way of showing it's status, provide it and I will add it to your server details here and/or integrate it into the one on my site. Battlefield 1942 Battlefield 2 Unreal Tournament 2004
  8. I missed this, but I will say...Shenmue sucks donkey nuts. I tried getting into the games, it's worse than grinding an MMO.
  9. I've watched it myself and they don't even say it...you smoke the rock ems lol
  10. I have never once, in any province, EVER heard ANYONE pronounce it "Aboot". It's pronounced just like one says "Shout". You, like many Americans, must have Canada confused with Scotland. Or it's a Southerner thing in the US, because they DO say "Ruff" for "Roof" and "Dallar" for "Dollar" etc...maybe they hear like they speak lol
  11. I keep seeing people tout the Pi as a great use for this, I've tried mine for it numerous times even recently and it's very underwhelming...that thing just doesn't have enough balls to play back HD video. Oh and 100Mbit Eth is plenty...not sure how it's a "downside". Very little in Gigabit offerings in consumer gear still today, because it's unnecessary.
  12. Hey you have any GC games you want to sell me? Yarr! No...lol
  13. Shenmue 3 didn't do anything for me...probably because I don't understand why Shenmue 2 was even made, I don't like the games and don't see the appeal.
  14. Doom 4...take my money. As for multiplayer, games geared toward that with stunted single player don't get my money. I don't care to play with loud-mouthed fucking idiots online.
  15. Don't mess with those installers, you're just asking for trouble...even if they aren't intending to be malicious. Install HBC, Install YAWMM and then install whatever wads you actually want. I wouldn't bother installing wads for anything but channel forwarders, installing full on apps as wads doesn't make any sense, as a forwarder will always point to the boot.dol for what you want to run, whereas an app installed as a wad will need uninstalled and reinstalled to update it. I recently bought a Wii U, and am selling my Wii. Gamecube, Wii and Wii U all on one system...hell yeah.
  16. Just got a notification that the MessUI download was broken, I removed the report...as I went in and verified all 4 links, they were all working fine.
  17. A more recent version of the core would actually be worse on the Xbox, rendering many games that were playable, unplayable. There was a point years back when the core underwent drastic changes(Right at pretty much 0.84/0.85 where you see MameOX's core based on 0.84b3), and numerous transitional changes have occurred since and will continue to occur. The original Xbox simply doesn't have the horsepower for anything newer, and most certainly would choke hard on .150.
  18. Build an inexpensive home server, and stream to even less expensive set top devices instead. Building some powerful machine to play movies is a waste of money. I have a headless Debian server set up with a Dual Core X2 Regor 250 CPU, 8Gb of RAM and it runs a minecraft server, UT2k4 server, SMB/FTP and Plex Media Server (and more)smooth as butter. I use a couple Ouya's, a Minix Neo X5 Mini, 2 Chromecast's, my main desktop PC and our laptops to stream to at least 4 of them at any given time no problem. Kodi can use SMB and you can set up a shared library database with SQL...never really got into setting all that up myself, as I dropped XBMC before it turned into Kodi and went with Plex. I even play stuff on my cell phone from the server at home.
  19. School is important, especially once you're in post secondary. I'm working and going to school right now, and people don't understand how crammed my time is right now, to the point I sometimes have to grit my teeth and keep from bitchslapping them when they say I have time to do something or go somewhere.
  20. In that case, don't waste your money because it's like a ~$40 game in loose cart form...
  21. Console hoarder? I had that disease once...the cure was to sell everything. I owned EVERY system up to the PS2/Xbox/Gamecube at one point, including the Pippin/Playdia. Wound up realizing it was a waste of space, and a waste of money on so many games I would never have the time to play. If not, much better played on the PC...
  22. This place needs to go in a different direction. Focusing on emulators/emulation only and in the manner we have here, is dead...plain and simple.
  23. I've only ever used file sharing sites for completely legal stuff...people use them for other stuff? That's what torrents and Usenet are for!
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