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  1. I've been able to burn and load up Big ass emulator disc A okay. Disc B however, keeps hanging up at the mircosoft Logo. Every other game/disc has worked fine but this is the only one where it hasn't. Any help would be appreicated. Thx.
  2. Terry is my favourite. Too godly in SVC but has always been an SNK fave of mine for years anyways.
  3. It is just mind shattering how this has all come about. This is truly mass genocide. Estimated over 80,000 have died and the count is still rising. Please try and help out if you can. You can't help but feel for those suffering in southeast Asia.
  4. Check out gumby's auctions on ebay. This guy ships fast and is really good on prices. Not to mention he always seems to have every color convex button ready for bulk order even when the official happ site doesn't. Used him quite a few times and never had bad dealings. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...6137926701&rd=1 <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Best arcade stick on the market is the X-Arcade but it's a little pricey. $150US for the 2p and $100 for the 1p version. It's great though. works very well. The site is www.xgaming.com.
  5. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Bottom line, this game is just nothing more than cut and paste crap. This is something that you'd release like 4 or 5 years ago, not today in this sort of gaming climate. The standards are just way to high for something like this to be launched now. It's not a BAD game but it could have been better.The game feels like capcom panicked in the fact that they didn't have anything coming out for the holiday season and had some of their flunky interns throw something together last minute. It's worth a rental and if your hard up for capcom fighters for ps2 but your money is better well spent on the SF2 anniversary instead.
  6. It's funny, I didnt hear much about Prince of Persia until it's release. It's truly one of the best action/adventure games out. Fun controls, Great looking graphics and a fantastic story to boot. Definitely a game to own or at the VERY least, check out.
  7. I 100% agree with you. RCR is definitely one of the best games for the nes. Great fun.
  8. It will obviously be the Hobgoblin next and prolly lizardman. Thats how it looks like it's going to go storywise
  9. That would be awesome. I really want to try Castlevania SOTN for the saturn because you can play as Anna or Maria (can't remember her name but I think it's Maria). It's the japanese version of it.
  10. I've been occasionally eyballing this Big Brother-like series where there's Eric Estrada, Ron Jeremy, Vanilla Ice and a few other "celebrities" living under the same roof. Oh yeah, the Surreal Life. I haven't seen an episode but I've heard about it. I wouldn't mind seeing 3 of the coolest people under the same roof. Vanilla Ice + Ron Jeremy + Erik Estrada = Odd fun Man that would be one weird or-y.... I mean with other women you sickos!!!!
  11. It's just good old mr. Gates trying to corner yet another market. LOL trying to be nice my ass. It may seem like a nice gesture but it's nothing but a red herring on his part.
  12. LOL it just f---ing blows my mind that something like this actually exists. I really am speechless. I just don't know how to put it into words how pathetic and sad that really is. *shaking head*
  13. A lot of good games coming out this year. It may be one of the best years for gaming in quite awhile.
  14. Boy Capcom has really F--king crashed and burned the last 5 years. 3rd strike was the last new fighter they came out with and have pretty much done nothing since. Capcom seems to be taking an evironmentally friendly attitude to gaming: reduce, reuse and recycle. SF fans are getting impatient with Capcom with their lack of action or interest in reviving their most successful franchise. We haven't even heard of their even being another new SF which is really killing fans who want to know. Releasing all this mix and match crap just isn't going to cut it. It's very sad.
  15. Terry is god. Sadly there are too many Iori/Kyo whores out there. Terry is the most underused and underrated character. So many peeps also jump on the may lee/ kula bandwagon cuz of the infinites/glitches that are easily abusable.
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