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  1. My PSP came with 1.51. Is there any way to get 1.5 on it? I know they are currently working on hacking 2.0 and have actually got most of the files decrypted on it. I guess I might have to wait and see how this turns out. Any information is greatly appreciated though. Thanks, Magus
  2. do you need to have your PSP running homebrew in order to do this?
  3. make sure the games are the same version. most games won't connect to each other if the versions are incorrect.
  4. i hope u didn't leave a floppy in the drive
  5. I happen to think spybot is the best. anyways, don't use IE. use FireFox, u can get it from mozilla.com it also has a very nice popup blocker, among many other things.
  6. There's an easier way. in the command prompt, instead of copying and pasting the results. just pipe the output to a text file. ex. dir > rom_listing.txt u now have a full listing in a txt file.
  7. Running MXM. I love preview vids for my games, not to mention it's just so cool. ;]
  8. Well the most recent downtime was a DNS problem i believe. They had to wait a couple days for the DNS information to update.
  9. lol. GTA being a movie. If they were able to keep it according to how the game is, it would be really cool. The only problem i see is u have all these parents upset at how violent video games are, and of course GTA is the role model. If it were ever made into a movie, there would be a huge controversy. prolly make a couple hundred mill from the publicity though. heh
  10. Yeah, i love ninja scroll. Such an awesome anime. I watch Hellsing, DragonballZ, Armitage, Ghost in the Shell, Final Fantasy Unlimited, Kiddy Grade, and Gungrave. I would like some opinions on other good anime's to watch. I prefer anime's with lots of action. heh, little romance As for Naruto. I've been wanting to watch it, but there are soooo many episodes. Anyone know of a good episode number i could start at? (I expect at least 1 person to say #1 lol).
  11. Well actually: 1. Aliens are very fast. 2. They can climb walls. 3. They can see in every vision mode (According to how the games of AvP play). I do believe that predators are better. They have different weapons to meet different needs. They seem to be rather intelligent (obviously), and they have the always nifty cloaking device and instant full-health medpack thingy. oh, and their disc owns all.
  12. What did u use to take captures of Halo with? To my knowledge screen captures of Halo will not work with the Debug BIOS.
  13. hmm....so about the cube idea. ur thinking about having the rotating cube in the preview area. but the preview picture being behind or actually on the sides of the cube itself? i kinda think it would be neat for the preview pics to be the sides of the cube myself.
  14. woah. glad to see that there are ppl who have the patience/skillz to figure stuff like this out. btw. would there happen to be a re-released version of your compiled fbax (with the 3d box left out)? not that i'm lazy or anything, heh. but it would be hella faster.
  15. yes, please tell us how you accomplished this feat.
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