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"Hi! I'm new here!"


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yours does the same........ it can't load some old games like Fatal Fury 1 or Art of Fighting........... think there's a solution to that?

Please make another topic for this in the appropriate forums. Thanks. :D


PS: The reason is because your going way off-topic now.

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Hi Gamecop....

    I been wondering.....is there anyway to share roms here?

  I have tons of roms and I am willing to share out the roms and I'm looking for a few roms that I am missing.....is there such a platform?

You can share them on DC++.

That's correct, look here for more information L.S.D:


Gamecop, I picture right now as Ed McMahon on the Johnny Carson Show. "Yes...you are correct, sir." <_< "That's some weird, wild stuff."


And welcome L.S.D.

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Well I'm new.




*is shy*

:-D Don't be shy my friend; we are all good people around here. With high moral values (especially me he he...).

Anyways welcome to 1emulation.

You'll soon learn to be as loud and UNSHY as we all are :D

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