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  1. Just finnihed Naruto shuppeden 61, just sad, that naruto didn't go fox. Why did they have to tell naruto that he hurt sackura. He doen't go fox anymore. As you can see, I'm a big fox fan.... Well, hopefully, in the next mission...
  2. no, doctor who didn't air. When I checked the doctor who web page, there was a countdown timer, should air this week.
  3. I was reading today about how some apps on the ds lite can see wlans and play music or generate level. Why can't we do this with fourms. If we had a game that could generate levels based on words in posts over the day. At the end of the day it compiles it and posts a new level that people can try. What are some ideas obout a game theam. Other ideas about how to use Strings to generate objects. Is it even plosible?
  4. You can check whats its all about at this site.Folding@home Wath you stats at: extremeoverclocking. I personaly am in the DL.TV team(good online tech show).
  5. I think I will try it, just to supprise my freind with a new ps3 look.
  6. I'm a big fan of the older series and Even own the arade pinball of it. I'll be watching the new one later this week. Hopefully it won't be as big of dissapointment all you above say it is. Who knows, mabe a difrence of oppiion, I'll just wait and see.
  7. Thats a local ip address and robert is right that is the IP address of your machine. If your behind a firewall or roughter, some communications may be blocked, so disable your firewall if it doesn't work. Thats all the generic ip help i can give, I'm looking into running Win2DS next week when I get my package in so i an use homebrew apps.
  8. Your the only other person I've heard of that had this problem. My relitive, pluged in the mouce (regular, not usb) and the pin crossed over with the logic and when we booted it said: "Keyboard not detected, press anykey to continue" Then somehow i passed that.. "Mouse not detected, click ok to continue" I was stumped and ended up geting a new motherboard, because the logic chips to all external devices like usb/mouse/keyboard were fried.
  9. I've seen homebrew app for ftp hosting(slow)(havent tried, only read about), would it be posible to run a low file size torrent client. Could be used to transpher homebrew saves, etc.. ?
  10. If I like Deathnote, what other animes would everyone recomend?
  11. This topic is ment so you can tell your computer stories of someone who did.... For example: I years ago, when running win 98 happend to pull the plug on when running FDISK. It said "do not turn off your computer" well, pulling the plug didn't help. It was a sony labtop and when it booted, the middle of my drive was full of bad sectors. Everyting that accessed that portion of the disk caused the computer to freeze. For example: defrag, scan disk, formate, etc I prosponed the issue by splitting the drive up into three section(Windoes 1g, bad drive 6g, the rest 13g) Anyway, one day I used Shredder(Macaffee) and selected shredding the drive 21 times. A few hours later when I came back to the computer, the drive was fixed.
  12. I put "***Topic will contain spoilers***" in the discription and modified the topic.
  13. I forgot about the ring, good call. In the past, the master apparenly died as well, so he is a person who keeps poping back up. If you haven't yet, watch doctor who confidential for the eppisode where we meet the doctor's daughtor. They review alot of hints given over the new series.
  14. Created this topic to speculate on Doctor Who ***Topic will contain spoilers*** ***Topic will contain spoilers*** ***Topic will contain spoilers*** I've been following the Doctor Who series and am currently up-to-date on all of the new series and the beginning of the old series. Some topics for starters: Hits we have on the time war. Was it a good move to have the doctor’s daughter leave on her own way? Time Vortex Companions The Master, is he truly gone? So, my main question at the moment: who here likes Doctor Who?
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