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  1. China always do funny things to games and gamers. I was playing a China MMORPG about a month ago. It had a crap limitation like half exp gain and unable to do quests, etc. if played for more than 3 hours.
  2. Just wondering is there an emulator that allows you to play commercial psp games on the PC without owning a psp?
  3. I'm currently serving national service. For the last one year, I only came here to attack Zero But good to see 1emu back. Edit: My last post was last year's July, lol.
  4. **** **** **** **** **** Edit: Oh dear, I thought I was posting at the spam section
  5. Game Name: Summon Night Twins Age Status: Playable. Speed: Good. Graphical errors: None for first 5 minutes of play. Sound: Ok for sounds effects like hitting monsters. Humans voices are horrible. Note: I don't like the game, the GBA ones are nicer. (unrelated to this thread) Game Name: Rondo of Swords Status: With bios, it shows me a nice black screen with nothing. Game Name: Draglade Save Type: Auto Status: Perfect. Speed: Good. Graphical errors: None, Sound: Good. Note: Just like what I said in the status, it's perfect.
  6. 1024*768 for me. I used to use 800*600. I prefer bigger icons, bigger text, etc.
  7. indeed torrent leeches lots of bandwidth in a limited shared connection.
  8. I still like downloading them from torrent and then watch them as and well I like without waiting it to buffer and load.
  9. Visual Boy Advance for GBA although GBA died last year. Other than that, I play PC and PC MMOs.
  10. I would say Final Fantasy. I never really liked Zelda since there are lots of puzzles to solve. I like such games but I seriously suck at them.
  11. Yeah. I love those most. But it's a long time since a game related comic is out. There are not as popular as original stories or stories recreated by Chinese novels.
  12. torrent spy was the first torrent search engine I get to know, but it's too messy and with those adult stuffs ads. There are indeed more alternatives.
  13. Sora from Kingdom Hearts I guess. It's nice to run around without any weapons (imagine polices start chasing you if you have a big sword) but immediately hold a sword/dagger/whatever it is when I'm ready to battle. Plus, who don't want the most famous mouse as a best friend.
  14. Damn... I feel so gay for not having female character in games I really like except for their gameplay abilities.
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