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  1. I downloaded your save state and will work on getting a battery file from it soon.
  2. Ok I know this post it a bit old but someone might as well leave a reply. If you want online play you need to get a copy of VBAlink. The only downside is that in order to play online at decent speeds you need a very fast processor and you need to be very close to whoever you are connecting to. I'm in the USA and tried to connect to somone in England and the game slowed down to 2fps because we were so far away from each other. Anyway if you are still interested you can get the latest version of VBAlink here. http://www.vbalink.info/
  3. If you were able to save with that rom without using the vba-over.ini fix then your rom was most likely patched to save in a Flash 64K format (you will also be able to tell because your .sav file will be 64KB in size). In that case I can fix that save for you. Send me a PM with a link to your save file or attach it to an email (haldrie@haldrie.com) and I will get it fixed for you so it no longer says it is corrupted. In the mean time try and find a different rom that is not patched. You will know it because when you go to save it will say that it failed. The rules here state that we cannot ask for or post links to copyright material so please do not ask here.
  4. The only way that I know of to get a mystery gift is to attend an official Pokemon event and they usually have several downloadable goodies for you games that you get by using that feature. General Handheld might be a better thread for this topic.
  5. Oh I love that movie. I just watched the entire Evil Dead trilogy yesterday. I kind of regret watching all 3 at once since I had some very weird dreams last night about it.
  6. Ok since this still seems to be an issue and I finally have some time on my hands I will start work on the tutuorial page I promised some time ago. I'm sorry it's taken me so long but I got caught up is some other stuff and then just got plain lazy. It will take me some time to get everything in order but I will have it read for everyone and have a link on my site for it when it's done. [EDIT] Also I have AIM and xfire installed on my comptuer so if you want to contact me with them I will have them open. I will get MSN Messenger installed and running soon. I just got a new hard drive for my laptop because the old one failed on me so it's taking me a while to get everything back on it.
  7. If you've gone to these lengths to get a correct save file then chances are that your rom is patched. I can only suggest at this point to try and find a new copy from a better source. I cannot tell you where since it is against the rules to do so. If you still want to try to use a 128K save (which will work as long as it is in the correct folder and is named the same as the rom file) then I can upload one for you.
  8. The only way it will work is if you start the game all over again from the begining. I know it is unfortunate but the current save file that VBA is loading is still set to the old format and cannot be fixed at this time. The only way the vba-over.ini file will take effect is if there is no other save file to load so it can create a new save file in the correct format. [EDIT] By "start the game all over again" I mean that you have to delete (or backup elsewhere for possible future fixing) the .sav file for FireRed (and any other Pokemon games you have saves for as they too are most likely corrupted). If someone manages to find a way or write a program to fix these corrupted saves (or the save states) this will be the first place I mention it but in the years since posting this I have not found any other solution.
  9. As Agozer said, all the info you need is already in this thread. From what I just read you have been using save states which are only to be used as a last resort and only if you cannot save in-game. The game's own save feature should be what you use instead which is done just as if you were playing the game on a real GBA. When you beat the Elite Four the game saves and the resets and has you load your save again to start the next section of the game. This is the main problem that people have with these games and the step listed in the various post in this thread are all you need to fix the problem. Since you said you don't know about an IPS patch then chances are you don't have one so you can ignore any reference to it as it only deals with those people that may be using the awful save patches that are floating around for these Pokemon games. You can get more info from the link at the bottom of my signiture if you are still curious about them though.
  10. When you get a working build please send me a link. I'd be more then willing to test it out for you.
  11. Ok finally found that site again and the download of this build includes the source. http://www.caitsith2.net/ereader/emulators.htm Hopefully you'll be able to use it to your advantage. It'll be nice to take full advantage of the e-Reader and link support combined to see how the special e-Reader cards for Super Mario Advance 4 - Super Mario Bros. 3 work along with many others.
  12. I had seen this about a month ago but never did post. However seeing the progress that has been made (at this point I have not yet tested it myself but just reading about it is making me like it) I think it's time I show my support. Since I too have been waiting for a project like this and have made a name for myself here with my knowledge of the official VBA builds. I don't know any technical knowledge but I have been working with the official VBA versions since 1.3 and have seen the progress they have made over the years before the project suddenly died. I will at this time port the build links from the first post to my website for hosting so you don't have to worry about loosing the current links and to give people an ad-free alternative download. I will post the links here once I've got them all uploaded. I will also see what I can do about testing the builds on my PC since I have the entire no-intro GBA set at my disposal (and anyone asking for links and downloads will get the same treatment from me that the mods have been giving to people here...read the rules if you have a problem with that). [EDIT] I got them uploaded (took less time then I thought). Mudlord's VBA Builds (hosted on Haldrie's World) I did play around with it a bit and the first thing I checked was to see if you had the e-Reader build in it and it seems you don't. Do you want me to get you the source for it? The build I have only allows for US e-Reader card dumps to work. I've seen that the dev of no$gba managed to get both the US and JAP version working on his emulator so unless someone has made another build for VBA that I don't know about you could always find out how he did it.
  13. It is safe to use save states as long as the normal save feature is working for you but if you want to get multiple saves you can always just backup the old saves into a different folder so that VBA doesn't load them. Also you can set which folder VBA uses to read and write saves by going to Options->Emulator->Directories...
  14. That's a hacked image. Some piracy groups found a way to hack that logo which can corrupt some games preventing them from loading on real systems but they often load find on emulators. You'll have to find another copy of it.
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