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  1. Nanotechnology - can be used to make a more powerful computer. so I guess advanced gaming is on it way
  2. most xbox emulators have been abandoned I believe
  3. Jesus how many times has the Hurricanes hit the US? God must have a problem with USA
  4. I don't anything can beat Sonic the Hedgehog 1 what I heard from is it was the best game ever.
  5. I know the person who ownes that site I used to chat quite alot with the owner
  6. No Uwe Boll = CHANCE OF SUCCESS! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> not much chances of success to me I don't even like the game DOOM 1,2 & 3
  7. On IPB 2.1 you can have custom Display names. (I got access to the beta )
  8. maybe you have win xp coorperate <{POST_SNAPBACK}> good guess and yes I am using the coorpeate edition (64 bit).
  9. for some reason my pirated version Windows XP x64 got detected as "Genuine Microsoft Software" I must be using an unlimited product key. That mean I can say that the Anti-piracy doesn't detect at 100%. that mean I'll be able to use windows update with no problem whatsoever. here a detail of my cookie from Microsoft.com after the Genuine Check Name: WinGenCookie Content: validation=0 Host: www.microsoft.com Path: / You guys know how to make a cookie right?
  10. yep good luck getting a samsung drive because I heard that buying a samsung drive is expensive compared to other brands
  11. Playing violent games are worst then violent film at the cinama. because when you play violent games you can feel yourself being violent and some are stupid enoght to bring it into the reality.
  12. 8/10 but I'm not really a techno person. Prog Rock is the rock equivalent to techno
  13. Good but I'm only keen on rock music. sound like a sound used in a keygen
  14. what an idiot! that kid could of got his step dad into trouble with Microsoft. also what a lucky bastard!
  15. down with monopoly all togerther. everything with dell has an intel in it.
  16. I didn't think much about the E3
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