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  1. Will we need FlashMe or something like that?
  2. I imagine your blog to be good after some more posts
  3. Come on, post a link to your blog, and let us check each others out. My blog is here. Not really related that much to gaming, but still I hope it's a good read
  4. What a wise choice, not buying a private jet
  5. Nero's done everything I've ever needed. It's really good value for money...
  6. Okay, that's cool. There's load of GBA MP users out here, and that will make us happy...
  7. I'd go for the 64. An Athlon 64 will last longer as it is 64 bit, 32 bit will be dead within the next few years. My machine runs and Athlon 64 3400+, 1.5GB DDR400, 128MB Ati Radeon 9800 Pro, 250GB SATA. I should stop bragging...
  8. I have an idea. Not all of us are very happy opening our DS or mucking on with it to support WifiMe/PassMe/FlashMe. Perhaps you should release the first few apps on pre-prepared flash carts? Sell them then over eBay or something. You should try to beat Nintendo, who are releasing WiFi games in a month or so. Oh, one other question... I have a GBA Movie Player, could I use that to use it on?
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