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  1. I prefer the t-bone steak well done, to bad not many places in britian does t-bone steak.
  2. there is one gadget I own in the top 50 and I had it about 3 years ago and I'm still using it.
  3. I don't know why people buy mods chips and risk having there expensive equitment damage. IMO it just not worth it. also I would wait for a year.
  4. That true, I completely agree with you; sometimes you have take action againts these so-called idiot or arseholes by being mean to them. I can handle multi-tasking I basicly live though my life multi-tasking. (that doesn't mean I don't get any stress)
  5. Speaking of graphics cards how good is the ATI radeon x1300? That what dad got me for my christmas present.
  6. Hack a xbox360 via PSP; How is this possible? More info click here
  7. I was trying to be helpful, have a truckload of xmas cookies For the rest of you, don't let food poisening ruin christmas.
  8. That true, Britian an example as well with their heavy online shopping.
  9. Merry Chirstmas to all and one advice Don't forget to give your turkey a proper roasting.
  10. I spent so much in florida, I couldn't get something for myself this christmas damn.
  11. Link While I was in florida, I have noticed that every cop car has a laptop in; most of the time they use it for general stuff more then actual police business. Any opinions anybody?
  12. hahahahahha COOL! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I heard that one before
  13. @GameCop wise answer, use the money to invest in your site and help out miskie with his bandwidth problem.
  14. what would it be like if the technology been put into photoshop?
  15. Half-proves my point, with the added bonus that even germans haven't heard of it. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Wells there lot to discover on the Internet, surly you should know that?
  16. Something for the devolopers to look at http://www.ca3d-engine.de/c_About.php
  17. Don't forget there are mixed raced people in Canada such as American Canadian, British Canadian & the French Canadian. I'm planning on moving to Canada I'm living in England ATM.
  18. the evidence can be destroyed with a single glass of water
  19. SPAM!! Big time without getting told off. Jackco SPAM Board just don't do anything illegal.
  20. thanks for starting this thread off anyway here my blog http://jackco.blogspot.com/
  21. I really don't see a problem with porn sites.
  22. On the old black & white display nokias the EIMI is changable (illegal, will not explain how!) also when an EIMI is blocked it only block in one country (where is has been stolen?) so they sell it in another country, I don't which country but if it was stolen from the USA it will more likeley to be Mexico or maybe Canada
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