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  1. England 1 - 0 Eccudor could of been 1 - 1 if it wasn't for Ashley Cole, Beckham went sick after scoring the winning goal.
  2. Nice one, you support argentina right. That one heck of punishment for losing againts the rival.
  3. He didn;t do much anyway <{POST_SNAPBACK}> That happened within the first three minutes and when did you become Simon Cowell in Sports anyway.
  4. I don't want the French to win neither anyway England 2 - 2 Sweden that was a good match, but shame England lose Micheal Owen. Sweden are a bunch of corner shop monkeys (lucky bastard)
  5. I asume your the bad guy as well, who join the darkside
  6. They were piss poor though. Wasn't very convincing...l <{POST_SNAPBACK}> agree England can play better than that.
  7. All you can see is the first and third, the second one I deleted from my imageshack account.
  8. I can only see that on the second, I didn't notice that, oops. EDIT: Deleted, good job I was registered with imageshack. EDIT2: the double posting was an acident, I ment to edit it.
  9. Bump, Bump & Bump Whitney Rose, not dig in.
  10. You are not a real footie fan. Go to hell <{POST_SNAPBACK}> He got a point there I had alot of trouble with football fans, I seen a couple of drunk fans try to rob a box of guinness from the supermarket because the person behind the counter wouldn't serve them, staff had to call security as well and they just drop the box on the floor. When I went outside they were just aggresive. That was in England, near Wolverhampton. the police wouldn't do anything about it.
  11. The Aussies deserve that win, I don't think the jap deserve that goal at all push the goal keeper out the way which should of been disallowed. The Aussies were doing the most running and they once beat England. EDIT: I reckon Brazil will win the world cup again.
  12. You caught me out, I won't forget the American English between you and Superman with the Jelly and Jello you also got caught out with the spam thing with bills or biitz or whatever his name is.
  13. it seems faster then miskies server, I have notice one bug the news thing ain't working on the portal.
  14. Pritty much same here, I have plans on switching to Linux. (Because I like the way Linux works)
  15. M:I III was the best out of the three, IMO
  16. Tim is only in it for the money not the security, so he get $1 for each person who downloads firefox with the google bar. I'm glad I downloaded firefox earlier before that happened.
  17. That explains the earlier MySQL error "Too Many Connections", this is just criminal.
  18. The bright side that it was a Happy Ending , GameCop pulled off the best April Fools ever
  19. April Fools joke but least I enjoyed posting at the time, it was only me and weirdy posting pics.
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