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  1. Format war should be something that consumers don't want, it split hollywood into two halfs.
  2. I coundn't say better myself, also the Blu-ray disc itself well not be hybrid compatible between Blu-Ray and Normal DVD Player, but HD-DVD disc (some of them) itself will hybrid between HD-DVD and Normal DVD Players. IMO Blu-ray kind of violates comsumers rights.
  3. Way too expensive, I would go with the HD-DVD it cheaper. *Game companies would prefer cheaper solutions. I heard that the Blu-Ray player can't even play a CD.
  4. Australian laws made region looking equipment illegal because it violates trade. that far as I know. region locking is just the most stupid piece of technology on the planet.
  5. http://ps3.ign.com/articles/697/697656p1.html To bad it won't be for DVD movies, blame that one on MPAA it can be cracked anyway, anyhow Least it can play Import games from the out of the box without a mod chip.
  6. I couldn't put it anybetter myself There too many crazy people in the world.
  7. I just thought joined your site ds, nice design btw.
  8. I throught something was dodgy about them also, I think they used the bug crap as an excuse.
  9. Ah... I don't play on new games at all, so I don't really need an extra gig
  10. It only performing better than AMD because Intel processor is using a DDR2-667 while AMD is using the DDR400. I still think AMD going to Win http://www.tomshardware.com/2006/02/21/a_l...form/page8.html
  11. I used winamp but I have tried foobar but I don't like the way random function works. I prefer winamp even through it take more memory so what I got 1GB of ram, the feature on winamp is all I need really also, I tried out Windows Media Player 10 I didn't seem to like it as much as the Classic. (WMP10 came as standard with my os; winxp x64)
  12. First - I wouldn't want to mess with a guy like, he took on about 3 or 4, damn Second - I couldn't help myself stop laughing I thought it was the kong-fu guys that was going to get knocked out, but I was wrong.
  13. I found that site before on some blog but I chosen not to share it because it might contain copyrighted files.
  14. Black Sabbath - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath on Planet Rock.
  15. Tell me that ain't gona the control pad for the next console; it look weird to handle the damn thing. I hope there another version of the damn pad.
  16. Hubba Hubba Hubba what a way to celebrite my 100th posts count, yay
  17. Yes super and he spamming it up already; 19 post count on the day he joined
  18. Ok I agree on that some of the pics L.S.D were Hot
  19. Her name is Almudena Fernandez; in the vintage pics. Finally L.S.D. has started to aim for quality rathen then quantity.
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