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  1. Well done Robert, drink many fosters has you can.
  2. I had this crap on the college intranet
  3. Link Well I never that one comming!! the MPAA got busted Any Opinions?
  4. I started using clamwin; which doesn't have on-access scanning yet but they working on it. as long as I don't use Internet Explorer
  5. On most brands of DVD-drive you better off burning the image onto a DVD-R. Due to a bad design the thomson brand can't read CD-R (at all) and some CD-RW but however it can read DVD-/+R/RW.
  6. Now I can confirmed that xxl is on fixed IP address; what an idiot xxl is!
  7. XXL been bratting around havoc forums also. (XXL went under the name TapeWurm and jacent777) http://www.havocforums.com/index.php?showtopic=6256 And guess what I BANNED xxl from my site (The Rockers Cabin) http://www.therockerscabin.com/forums/inde...p?showtopic=193
  8. hi their Yes I know you; the guy who love flaming; I woundn't do it here if I were you P.S. somebody welcome you alright you got 0HP
  9. Agree 2.1 is all it needs. The question is why are companys wasting their time on improving on mp3 when theres a better format out such as Ogg, MPC, etc, etc?
  10. Have you tried reinstalling the plug-in? https://pfs.mozilla.org/plugins/?application=firefox
  11. Agree that really went off topic it went from shakira's bush to emotion
  12. I don't like fanboys; they are nothing but trouble in every sence.
  13. I got drunk and had a chat for new years day
  14. The Middle East take censorship too seriously; I prefer the original one myself That kinds of reminds me of that Asian chick with glassics which I used as my avatar before; one of the staff complained about it so one of the admin had to remove my avatar.
  15. It seams to me that Microsoft is losing it grounds.
  16. That ok I'm not much of heavy gamer, I'm more into olde games.
  17. Plastic ones look ugly so I go for the real christmas tree.
  18. I clean my keyboard with my bear hands, rub all the dust off with my fingers. I have done it before. after spray something on it to make the keyboard smell nice.
  19. I had my little brother asking me to do exactly that, Mario Kart DS that surpost to be good game.
  20. Underaged drinking , well anyway happy new years to all.
  21. ATI Radeon x1300, but sadly I found that my motherboards had a faulty pci-ex slot. DAB Portable Radio, which is the next generation after fm radios.
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