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  1. Err... that really gross man, I rather buy my own milk.
  2. Why else would he posts it on a porno forum?
  3. I got a whole series of the season 1. the seens are a bit like batman really
  4. Superman doesn't anything stop you from attacking.
  5. Some cartoon do turn me on, stripperella for example
  6. I am sure that these members including myself have no intension on causing havoc, I rather leave this behind.
  7. I'm sure that there no consipiracy going on, Superman was the who exposed that it was still there. he even took a screenshot
  8. in the url right, after index.php, he put in ?act=attack&m=xxx << that were the members ID goes. then there a list of weapons displays.
  9. I think I was the first to find that out that it still got the attack system, I intented to keep that a secret for myself, oh well it seems nothing can stop superman from attacking.
  10. sure is but it not in the current template Hexter attacked Daeval with a Grenade Launcher (44 str) and took off 52! Daeval has 114 HP left! Daeval counterattacks with a 8mm Pistol (5 str) and takes off 15! Hexter has 81 HP left! You gain: 20 EXP points!!!!
  11. Sure does, I'm gona try with that whipped cream
  12. same here it sound kind of like nerdy porn
  13. As long as the image has got no nipples or cracks in , I'm not sure about lesbian pics
  14. I say I say, My favourite would be Francine Dee
  15. I need to get drunk to make me last longer about 8 hours.
  16. My favourite would be Catalina Cruz. http://img343.imageshack.us/img343/3772/image033rc.jpg Words are sometimes useless.
  17. I agree and plus they are so cute.
  18. Tag line is Less emulation talk and more boobies
  19. I don't think it a april fools joke
  20. Sadly there are some leaving the emulation sence, as for me I was more involved with the forum and blog sence in general. PornoCop does the Hot Chick Thread that LSD created still exists.
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