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  1. One thing i notice is that when i make a post, and it ask me if i want to forward to the message i posted, the icons on the top right that say "faq, search, members" etc, never load. Dont know if this is an error, or if this has been said before.
  2. i have 58 items on my desktop which of most are mp3s cause im too lazy to make them their own folder.
  3. its hard to find images off of http sites try ftps, p2p tools and our emulation hub at -Link removed. Read board rules.-
  4. does that stuff really work, or do you need a mod chip to get that going?
  5. yeah try different graphics plugins. www.zophar.net offers all of them so you can experiment and try which one works the best.
  6. Wha?!?! you say you can get it at radioshack... you have an item number for that?!?
  7. actaully for more precise psx burning with images, try CloneCD for creating the 1:1 cd or image.
  8. Try RPG Maker. Its like the one for the pc but more organized and easier.
  9. Mario Tennis and Mario Golf were the best sports games ive ever played for it. Perfect Dark and Goldeneye were the best shoot games also. I really regret not seeing Mother 64 come out though. Upsets me to this day.
  10. no its not just you, i also found the quality of SNES9x to be pretty crappy myself also. Try ZSnes. I found that to be the ultimate SNES emu so far.
  11. yeah i searched and popped up that mgd was an extension of Genesis roms.... odd that it still worked on a SNES emu, probably just wong extension like you said.
  12. yeah i find http sites to be annoying sometimes when you finally find the rom your looking for until it says page cannot be displayed cause the links down... now that people submit working rom sites, we dont have to search anymore. thanks for the working links guys.
  13. it will work through a router and or firewall as long as you have those ports open that you use in ZSNES for your firewall/router
  14. try using RockNES or FCEUltra. I use them and they work fine for the most part
  15. yeah im sick of how they release the good things in japan and decide to not release them in US because of assuming less hype and money income for a product. ie. game axe. It is a portable NES that would have been a sucess if released in the US
  16. Doens't emuchina charge 70 bucks to join their ftp server?
  17. on that site there a cart for mortal kombat.... i never knew they had the power or were able to make it for the nes.
  18. yeah man they basically pack together random roms for that system into a 100mb pack which dont go along to the GoodXXXX standards.
  19. hahaha thats hilarous. Thats a saver, i know some people that will have a heart attack over that.
  20. Speaking of AOL killing animals, they also took over nullsofts winamp and plan to kill the llama. AOL sucks.
  21. Nero, Easy CD/DVD Creator 6 and CloneCD/ConeDVD.... cant do without.
  22. well actually hideos not saying much but it is assumed that the game takes place in the 1960s and you play Big Boss, Snakes father, who is blind in one eye. The game uses an entirely new engine and is based on survival hense, Snake Eater
  23. Super Nintendo - Why?!!? 4 games: Earthbound Final Fantasy III Super Metriod Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past
  24. yeah man trojans can be a pain in the butt. Backdoor trojans are viruses that create a "backdoor" into your computer so other people are able to access and manipulate your information and data.
  25. NES guys, i mean we all grew up with it, and it had the best innovative games, ie. Super Mario Brothers
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