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  1. lol...!hmm.. how bout escaflowne.. or dbgt? you seen that?.. oh yea. kenshin is good.. good stuff. i think thats about it....ill post more up if i remember oh i've seen many DBZ and DB episodes but only a few DBGT.. anyway, i guess we're getting off topic here.. gomen... send me a PM if you come up with any more ideas..
  2. http://www.gamepro.com/gamepro/domestic/ga...ews/36275.shtml It's such a shame.. this was such a huge company in it's day.. it will be sadly missed.
  3. This reminds me.. i should go finish getting my Tenchi Muyo and Record of Lodoss War series... okay.. so i've seen Evangelion, Tenchi, ROLW, and i'm trying to get Nadesico, and considering Ah! My Goddess. Anyone else have any good animes i should check out.. oh yes, no Hentai please.. don't want any of that cyber stuff all over my screen.
  4. Hey now.. Pokemon yellow was cool for like... 25 minutes I still use my zsnes emulator because my SNES needs a new cable.. the one that runs from the console to the cable line.. i haven't gotten around to getting one yet.. plus my nes box is.. a box.. it doesn't play games =/ so the only things i have working around here is my PC (sometimes), my atari 2600, and my game boy (not color, not advanced, just game boy)
  5. I'm hoping that someone from there will post here, or send out an email eventually when the site is back up. When I know more information, or when it is back up, I'll post here with that information. Several of the members are believing it to be an inside job.. From what I can understand, there was an admin demoted recently, and one removed.. I'd been MIA from those boards for a few weeks, kinda like i've been here.. too many boards, not enough time.. so i'm not 100% certain on all the details that let up to this..
  6. The official ZSNES board has been hacked, and everything has been taken control of by the hacker. All admins have had their accounts deleted, and passwords have been changed. As of last confirmation, the hackers have complete control of the site. The site was hacked the first time this morning, and every member got flooded with emails, some just annoying, others racially insulting. The site was brought back up with a 2-week backup by the administration, and all seemed back to normal, but it was just a matter of time before the hackers regained control, eventually locking out anyone but them from posting. As of last check, the board is down. boards.zsnes.com simply states "the board is offline." This seems to indicate that the staff has regained control, but there is no idea when this board will be back up. with snes9x.com no longer in existance, and the zsnes board gone, people looking for assistance with snes emulation will be hard pressed to find the information they need.
  7. Personally. I use Azureus. I have no problems with it at all. I use it mainly for animes, which i get from a great site (not posted because i don't remember if posting those are allowed here) I have had no viruses, no major pc issues. I trust it.
  8. does anyone know if there is a place to get a listing of the games made for the PS1? i'm trying to remember a couple games i played long ago, but i can't. I'm pretty sure i can remember tho if i saw a list...
  9. Alright.. A few things.. 1. i can't read the main page's news.. i have my screen at 800x600 and all your news messages on the main screen scroll off the edge, and there is no scrollbar. 2. I can't change the title of my thread anymore where i've been updating my downloads. I've been waiting patiently, hoping that would be changed soon, but... 3. This site keeps crashing my IE. every 10 minutes or so, it'll just BOOM, and i'm at my desktop. Very disappointing to see this place has degraded so badly..
  10. hmm, even logged in as my super secret account name, won't let me download, just keeps getting "this page cannot be displayed" can only people who donate now download?
  11. .. no new games? http://www.mame.dk/changes/72.phtml I count 66 new games.
  12. gotta agree with someboddy.. I WANNA NAVI! almost got all 175 chips.. must get back to playing..
  13. In real life.. there were tow.. my dad.. and my best friend.. this guy had nothing but bad luck happen to him, yes he was always smiling, always happy.. i wanted to have that look on life.. once joked that he had so much bad luck.. he'd win the lottery and be rich the rest of his life. In video games.. hmm.. growing up, the only real games i played were commander keen, and a text based game called rogue, and the atari 2600.. it's hard to find pac man to be your role model,, so i'd have to say commander keen.. always wanted to make stuff out of nothing
  14. My computer is junk, i can't play CoC.. drives me nuts =( I loved Chain of Command..
  15. Thread 9999. Yay me. Only good thing going my way it seems.. Whats happened?!? The wonderful flash is gone.. mame.dk is dead.. Metropoligobal is now letting me download files.. Bearshare is going nuts.. and i'm here marking off everything in the world thats wrong.. *sniff* I missed you guys.. did you have to change so much without me?
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