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  1. Evolution 2 = It works fine, with some slowness where you are in town. It crashes if you get out of the 1st town if you don´t have an assignment. Some graphics bugs but otherwise it is fine 3Rd Strike Street Fighter = Very playable, minor glitches Great work Chanka Team!!
  2. It´s working right now. This 0.2 version works like a charm, very good FPS and not a single crash till now but one. Has anyone tried "Evolution" or "Skies of Arcadia" with this version? The SoA version I have by ECHELON just stop in the into and one more thing, what about the VMS? I have the "vms.bin" in the Chakast folder but it always says there is no VMS detected or no free space. Please help
  3. Damn, I was so stupid! I didn´t even tried with WinRAR since it didn´t appear the icon when you know what kind of files can be opened... Thanks man!
  4. I just got a question guys, I have recently downloaded "Evolution_The_World_of_Sacred_Device_DC-KALISTO.rar" Now here comes the problem, this is the 3rd game I download that comes with several files, all ending in " *.001; *.002; *.003; *.004 and so on", one ending in *.sfv and one *.nfo. So what do I actually need to make out of these files a NRG, BIN or CDI? Any kind of Burn to CD or something?? Please help!
  5. It can be because of the overheating. Make sure teh fan of your graphic card is working and also check the temperatures of your CPU and Motherboard in the BIOS. And make sure you have no virus either
  6. Hmmm, I said there were only minimal difference and those are in 1600x1200 with AF and AA cranked to the max. Without that, those 2 versions performe equally. You are right about the flashin, I heard that the new ASUS 9800 Pro comes with the R360 Core..
  7. No... You are talking about the card´s RAM. There is actually minimal difference between 128MB and 256MB The 128Bit version is worse compared to the 256Bit one. The 128Bit clocks are also lower. From what I´ve seen around the web, this 128Bit version is compared to a 9500 Pro!! Just go for the 256Bit and you won´t regret it, I´m sure
  8. I agree, the Radeon 9800 Pro is your best bet! However, don´t be fooled becuase there are two versions... A 128 Bit and the 256 Bit, being the last around 200-210$ and the first around 170$! The performance difference seems to be significant, so its your call
  9. search for ePSXE Plugins in google and you will find loads of sites with them
  10. ops, I got it wrong. Getaway is a fantastic game, much better than Headhunter
  11. Indeed, MOHAA is a master Piece. I highly recommend, however The Spearhead Expansion gets very slow on my P4 2000, Geforce 4 and 512 SDRAM What are the other expansions for MOH? I hear about Frontline but I haven´t seen nothing about it...
  12. Everything started with the stupidity of the Human Nature. Every problems were origined by us
  13. Hmmm what type of games do you like? Anyway, I recommend the following: GTA Series Devil May Cry Final Fantasy X Wild Arms 3 Virtua Tennis 2 Marvel vs SNK 2
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