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  1. I gotta agree with evilnos about the fact that the U.S. isn't causing all the problems. It's people like Osama that are causing all the problems. And some of you said that the U.S. should stop getting into other countrie's business. Often times we're asked to come and help. And then, even if we do stay out because they didnt ask, we stay out of it, and they end up hating us if it turns out bad(as it often does.) After all, people need someone to blame for their problems. Why not blame the country that has it so well? (Gonna make a lot of enemies from this.)
  2. I hate chocolate. Well, most of it. Some of the milk chocolate is great, and fudge is pretty good, but all other forms, I hate.
  3. On second thought, post the description of your five abilities on the boards, and keep the name at the signatures. Oh, and combat will now be like most other RPGs...you post an action, the other person reacts to it. There are such things as master abilities, which are significantly better than normal ones. Master abilities count as two. If you are fighting someone who is a master of offence at the sword, and your using a dagger, which you have no skill in, you will most likely lose. A master will be able to beat someone untrained anytime. Otherwise, here we go...(again...) Plijas - A quiet man who gives off the air of one who has seen many things in his life, and not many of them pretty. He hunts for creatures with bounties on them. abilities - spear defense - defense with spear Spear offence - offence with spear Master's spear defense - masterful wielding of spear: defense Master's Spear offence - masterful wielding of spear: offence. Heal - Cure wounds Traits - Dexterous - good with chosen weapon. Strong-willed - bonus to defense against mind effects. Plijas rides into yet another flea ridden village that didnt even deserve a name, much less like Princes roost. But that didnt matter, for he was after only one thing...the bounty exchanger. He had come across 5 goblins on a high mountain pass, and had easily disposed of them, taking their ears as proof of his deeds. Exchanging the ears for 3 gold pieces, he walked to the village tavern, where he ordered their strongest drink(ale). Finding a table in a corner, he sat down and began to enjoy his drink.
  4. Well, hope I'm allowed to do this, here goes.... I decided I wanted to make an RPG that wasnt futuristic, like Disoblige's, but more ancient. So, I made this thread, and I ask that you bare with me, cause I'm not sure I'm allowed to do this. Rules: All 1emulation forum rules are to be obeyed. Role-players who try to god-mode, or control other players actions, will be warned, then banned. A player must make his own actions! For example, one of the first posts in Disoblige's thread was where a role-player had his character running along the street, and the role-player had Disoblige's character reach out and pluck him into the shadows. However, Disoblige, if he had had control of his character, could have just as easily tripped him, or caught him and turned him in for a reward. If a person remains inactive for more than 3 days, than I will make a post for that person, being as inventive as possible. I believe this is neccessary to have a truly enjoyable role-playing experience. Characters must be within reason. If I review your character, and decide it is inappropiate, I will ask you to change. I will not allow super-powerful people running around killing each other, and mystically coming back to life, and repeating the process. If you are killed, please make a new character. People dont die, and come back to life. You are not allowed to have your character be demi-gods, or gods, or angels, or anything like that. Characters must be mortal. Fallen angels are allowed. Keep your abilities within reason. You are allowed extraordinary abilities, but not god-like. All things in this forum are meant to be fantasy. Do not take an insult to your character personally. You may insult the person behind the character, but not on the basis of race or religion. I may be adding more rules as I see fit. Have Fun! Now that the technical mumbo-jumbo is out of the way, lets get on to the fun. (Lol, I just watched a spider crawl across my keyboard. I smashed it when it got off, though.) This RPG is set in the world of Ghanort, a world with wars and peace, love and hate, good and evil. You can invent towns as you see fit(within reason) to help carry the plot of the story. There are creatures you can fight, and you can fight each other, even putting a bounty on your own head. I might decide to put a bounty on your head anyway, if you annoy me over much. To carry out the fight scenes, I'm going to try something new. Each person will be able to choose a certain number of abilities(based on their effectiveness in this thread, and the number of post they have in it) and will decide upon a certain ability to be used. Then, they will send the ability choice to me in a message, and I will decide whose is most effective. This will be on trial run only, to see if it works well. I think it will eleminate the people who somehow, through an amazing coincidence, never die. Here is how it will work. Each character will get 5 abilities, and two traits(something that distinguishes your character. Lucky is an example.) You will post your character in your signature or in the text under the picture. It doesnt have to be large, just your abilities and traits, and a short description of each. Then I will review the character, and see if it meets the requirements. If it does, your free to RP however you want, while following the rules.
  5. Only one I have played too. It was a bit on the suspenseful side for me(I like my war games up front and personal), but still good.
  6. It's PS2 for me all the way. I've always been a huge RPG fan, and sony has the best collection of RPGs. And with titles like FF(still the best game ever) and Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers(not much of an rpg but still awesome), who wouldnt? Oh, and does anyone know the release date for The Return of the King? I've only seen a few pictures, but it looked easily as good as the first.
  7. Of course, all Christian religions are wrong. Each of them mis-interprets the Bible in their own ways. For example, Catholiscm teaches baptism when a child is young, namely 1 to 2 months. However, the Bible says that baptism must come from choice, not force, or it does not have the same effect. There's lots of other things wrong with Catholism, but I don't wanna offend anyone. In fact, if you can look at it logically, and not personally, all religions based on God are wrong. Each of them misinterprets God's message in their own special way. Like, for example, the extreme form of Muslim believes that killing all your enemies(namely, anyone not Muslim) will get you into Heaven. Interesting point - the Anti-Christ will be baptised a Catholic. Says so in the Bible. (Nothing wrong with emulators. The companys stealing your money in the first place, charging so much for a game, so its more like taking back whats yours.)
  8. Yeah, but if we don't draw the line somewhere, when will the terrorists stop? So what if we have destroyed some of Al-qeuda. If we would have just done nothing after that, a thousand other terrorist groups would take that as a sign of weakness, and make plans to attack. The fact that the U.s. hasnt been hit by any abnormal terrorist activity means were doing something right.
  9. Hrm...errr....who exactly was Barry White...? i remember the name from somewhere...
  10. Isreali and Palestine are always having problems.
  11. *Reflects on that* Errr...maybe....
  12. Errr...neither could I, but I could take a guess. I think he said that We didnt kill any Iraqis through sanctions, but that Saddam witheld the aid from some (rebel?) group, and told them to come down and get. However, Saddam would have just shot them anyway, so the rebel group did not come down. Then, to show the West as monsters, Saddam gathered up every baby in the country and gathered them over a course of some time. Then he took pictures, and showed them and said this is how many babies the West has killed in a week. Least, thats what I think he said.
  13. I hate golf. I like Tennis, though. Those people are pretty atheletic, and the sport is almost as tough as football or basketball.
  14. Are you male? Or Female? Or both? And is the character the main character?
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