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  1. Go here if you want to see some gross stuff. www.rotten.com
  2. Good god what the hell was that?
  3. Since Jada P. Smith had a small part, why is she and ghost in the game? But the movie was real good. saw it twice
  4. I mean the 2003 versions of hockey games.
  5. How do you know so much about this stuff.I just recently got into this stuff and was amazed by your knowledge!!!!!!!
  6. In that case then have you ever tried downloading the new ones? I had a site where you can get the new ones
  7. Yeah. Just type the word in like neo-geo and packages come up.(before you type it in make sure your searching under software)
  8. No once again you all are all wrong. the best game is No mercy
  9. I don't know what you guys are talking about No mercy was the best game on 64.
  10. That is the whackest game ever made, I don't believe people even brought it!
  11. Did anybody ever buy a computer and this game came on it. Where can I get it again
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