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  1. Well usually i like Kawaks because it user friendly, but to bad the feature in Nebula is much than kawaks, for example the Graphic Enhancment, Nebula already support HQ2x and LQ2 well at least Kawaks screencapture is more eficient than Nebula
  2. Hi...long time no see Uhmm i want to ask something... I'm playing Shenmue 1 Disc 3, in the Day Two of work, when there's scenario helping Mark from the thugs, after beats all the thugs the scene is Ryo helping Mark standing up after that the screen is fade-in it supposed change into other scene, but it won't.The chankast is not responding and must be end process throught Windows Task Manager (Ctrl AltDel). Anybody knows about it? Thx for the help
  3. HiI I want to open the BIK file in the POPWW but the BIK player doesn't recognize it as BIK file. Is there any idea to extract/ play the files? I' curious that the BIK files is not only movie but also picture [see the folder that contains weapons, artwork, character etc, the filesize is to small for movie when i tried to extract with bik player, the file is recognized as 1-8 file but still won't extract]. Oh last thing do you know how to rid/disabled text "[C]:Go back" in the Extra Features? i want to printscreen the images in Extra but the text is annoying the image...thank you
  4. Hi when i want play this game, it won't show up into my monitor but only can be view by tv-out. I've dl the patcher still not working, change the refresh rate from 60 -150 still not working to! Do u have any idea? My spec: FX5900xt [Forceware 67.66], old monitor sony 17 inch [refresh rate 75]
  5. For all 1emulation members, i must say thank you for all your help. For me and our country this was a great tragedy, after the explosion of krakatau in 188x [killed over 30,000] and now Tsunami in Banda Aceh killed over 100,000. I live in Central Java island, all i can do from here is only pray for people who die in the disaster and donating from my place.
  6. Well i can't read japanesse but from what the rumour i heard the WAREZ is the Villain organization in NGBC storyline [like NestzCartel in KOF2000-2001series]. The interesting part is WAREZ is actually really 'exist', some rumour said they are a group who dumps NeoGeo cartidge [it seems SNKPlaymore is very concern about these emulator problem so he make somekind 'revenge'? by inserting the dumpers as their enemy, nice trick..and what next? The Boss is called Nebula or NRX? I don't know these rumour is true or not maybe waiting until Web Official for English
  7. Sorry i don't mean it, I thought maybe somenone like u, James, Kyookugenkiss, Gryph will get the files and check the romsets [beside the zip file only contain P1Up,P2UP,S1 not fullsets and it bugged!]. Agian sorry... Ohh i've already fixed my problem i've gets the KOF2K3nd P1 and S1 it really works!! So i pull back my request for help and say thanks to Kyookugenkiss for the info, also yes the name Ultra Plus is weirdo but ask the who makes this romsets. For this name case it's not my fault.
  8. Yeah that's UP stand for, too much version is driving me nuts...Oh i've solved the problem. Just find the P1, S1, in KOf2K3nd romsets it really fix all the error in Ultra Plus. Thanks
  9. Help me KyokugenKiss! I read your romsets and it says fixed Bosses. I wonder if this same problem with my romsets [i download them in Lolhaha.org] ----------------------------------------------------- System: NEO RomName: kf2k3up Game: The King of Fighters 2003 Ultra Plus Parent: kof2003 [Program] 271-p1up.rom,0,100000,7397D4B7,0 271-p2up.rom,100000,600000,264744E2,0 [Text] 271-s1up.rom,0,20000,EB232B3A,0 [Z80] 271-m1.bin,0,20000,396E17CD,0 [samples] 271-v1.bin,0,400000,D2B8AA5E,0 271-v2.bin,400000,400000,71956EE2,0 271-v3.bin,800000,400000,DDBBB199,0 271-v4.bin,C00000,400000,01B90C4F,0 [Graphics] 271-c1.bin,0,800000,E42FC226,0 271-c2.bin,1,800000,1B5E3B58,0 271-c3.bin,1000000,800000,D334FDD9,0 271-c4.bin,1000001,800000,0D457699,0 271-c5.bin,2000000,800000,8A91AAE4,0 271-c6.bin,2000001,800000,9F8674B8,0 271-c7.bin,3000000,800000,374EA523,0 271-c8.bin,3000001,800000,75211F4D,0 [system] CartridgeID: 271 GfxCrypt: 0 GfxKey: 0 ButLayout: 9 Fix: 0 --------------------------------------------------------- Here are the bugs: 1. Fighting Kusanagi the sprites becomes red, fighting Mukai sprites becomes purple, fighting Adel spritec becomes green. 2. Use start button [taunting] make the sprites becomes minimized , What..the? 3. In practise mode cannot select different opponent and infinite time is screwed. 4. The Ex Plus is annoying, i prefer using original Title [Plus text can be removed using Poirot Cheatdat] Is the problem the same as you? I run it with Kawaks 1.46 and Nebula 2.24. The KOF2003 parent is from MAME sets, and oh i'm trying find P1bh,p2,S1 and M1, but can't find them [in dat romsets the M1crc 396E17CD but mine is 0E86AF8F]. Can you send them via e-mail? Or maybe some patcher is needed? Thanks for your help...this problem is hauled me over 2 weeks to search the fixed problem.
  10. I don't know any knowledge of coding or roms dumping, all i can do is pray for your succes guys! gryph, emsely, agozer...like i say Emulate the World!
  11. The only char non-fighter i know is the Prince from PoPWarriorWithin, this guy is perfect fighter for Soul Calibur! If the Link can be exclusive char for Soul CAlibur gameCube. Why not put the prince? Maybe in Soul Calibur 3 and only in X-Box Version... And about SVC Chaos, i think SVC chaos is much better than CVS beside the gameplay...there's 1 different thing in both that CAPCOM always forget...the story, yep CVS contains no story he just only inserting the SNK chars without story [all we knows that SNK is best at storyline]. In SVCC the strory is divided by 2 ending, bad ending just fighting Shin-Akuma/Shin Mr.Karate, Good ending with figthing Athena or Red Aremeer, and how to get it is depending how we played it. Compare with CVS1&2 with same ending, make the reply value is zero [for me] Hope in SVC2, Ryu & Ken sprite is based on SFIII not SFII, also inserting new chars like Sean vs Marco Rodriguez, Kim-Dong Hwan and Jae-Hoon vs. Twins boy in SFIII.
  12. Is the quality the captured music is the same as official OST? Should the configuration sound using 44 Hz? I have AST for 96,98, Matrimelee, ROTD, AOF3, FFSpecial and OST for KOF2K2. Still searching the AST for 94, 95, 97, 99, 2000. Found it in emuportal but the link is all dead...guhhh
  13. I read some rumour in emu-zone that MAME is trying to make CPS3 as their library, but i don't expect full emulation. I don't know what MAME purpose with this. Dont' bother about the screenshots. My information may be wrong cause i can't read chinese Can you check this? http://www3.emu-zone.org/shownews.aspx?id=4213
  14. The protype Garou need P1, P2 and possibly M1 fixes to work "properly" (properly in the meaning of closest possible to the real thing.) Is work "properly" also meaning Fixed text error? Sorry i'm still confused Is the Set 1 version already fixed the missed text? Despite all the sound and the graphic glitch [now i remember the graphic error in Terry and Tizoc stages, duh ]
  15. Ouch!! Once i got the official OST from KOFChile,but the now the link is dead, or the link is removed. Just try it in KOFChile
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