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  1. Dude that movie was phat.... those guys must not weigh a lot to be carried the whole time. Japanese people can think of the the best things ie. bonzai This ones staying on the hd.... thanks.
  2. Nero is more for the experts because you get more options when burning while Easy CD Creator is well.... An Easy CD Creator for people who dont care about special options and expert settings etc.
  3. Heres some pics of it: Nero Burning Rom Nero Showtime Nero Vision Express 2 Main Nero StartSmart Nero Vision Express 2 Splash Screen
  4. Since the majority of you guys use Nero here, i thought id remind you that Nero 6 will be released in two more days.... Ill make two more posts so you guys dont forget to update the ultimate burning tool. I saw some pictures of the new interface and i could say that it looks a lot more 3d.
  5. yeah right here solid snake.... toughest game character around. Stands right next to john wayne.
  6. yeah man but how did you learn how to do that stuff, i mean how did you pick it up? I never figured out how people can dance and not know that they may look stupid.
  7. Heres a question that ironicly has not been asked before.... What games have you guys been playing lately? Ive been playing the game Mafia for the PC and just beat it today. Let me tell you, it stands right next to Legend of Zelda, and Super Mario Bros on my list of greatest games of all time. It was the best mob sim ive ever played (huge mafia fan here), and had such a great mind blowing story and ending. Anyone else thats played it will tell you the same. Thats the game ive been playing since last week and id recommend it for the PC and if and when it comes out to PS2 (hopefully it will be as good as the PC version). So how about you guys? Post your recent games below and let us know. It could range from MAME to Commodore to PS2 to PC. We are all looking for something new so why not get some recommendations and reviews from the 1emulation community.
  8. no prob hope you work them out.... we'll be waiting for you when you get back
  9. Since my expertise is with NES/SNES emulation, im not too familar with MAME emulation.... that being said do they make any MAME Packs like GoodMAME?? How many MAME games exist? Thanks
  10. Yeah man i agree, that crap never made any sense. I cannot understand how people also get an enjoyment out of it. I mean if i wanted to express enjoyment with a girl, id play golf or grand theft auto with her. Dancing is odd and uncomforable to do, and there are plenty of other activities that are much better.
  11. I couldnt find the real good article for it, but I found another one that is offline (or id post a link to it)
  12. oh yeah absolutely... i have a huge article to prove this if i can find it ill post it
  13. I found a very interesting chart on the minimum wage rates in the United States. What intrested me were the money rates. Connecticut will have the highest minimum wage at $7.10 Kansas will have the lowest minimum wage at $2.65 The average minimum wage in the US is about $6.00 That sucks if you live in Kansas Source: http://www.dol.gov/esa/minwage/america.htm
  14. i watched it, and found it to be very interesting. I love interactive tv
  15. Heres one last one to ask you guys for today before I leave for the course. What CD-R media do you guys use to burn stuff?? Any recommendations for certain types? I personally use Memorex CD-Rs and I buy them in the 100 pack spindle cause they are only about 50 bucks and half the price. Well worth it value wise and quality wise, and i havent had any problem with them.
  16. What kind of computer monitor/graphics card do you guys use and how do you use it? Heres an example: I have a 18 Inch LCD Dell Ultra Sharp running under 1280x1024 32-bit Colors 60Hz Refresh rate and outputted through DVI (Radeon 9800 Pro). What do you guys use?
  17. Heres one for you.... what magazines do you guys subscribe to? Personally I subscribe to PGA Magazine Golf Magazine Golf Digest Electronic Gaming Monthly Game Developer PC Gamer Offical Playstation Magazine
  18. i wouldnt know if this site had pop ups since i have zone alarm.
  19. Wow after hearing all the critics reviews and my friends raving about the movie, I thought me and my friend that saw the movie were the only odd ones thinking that the movie sucked. That movie sucked and we also thought Pirates of the Carribean sucked too.
  20. wow i had no idea we had a download section... nice.
  21. i got it, i found some tools to fix the sound speed off of zophar
  22. If you could choose to own one arcade system, what would it be? Personally i would own an old iceclimber/excitebike vs system cause i used to play them all the time back in the day at an old restaurant i went to.
  23. yeah i saw the movie, it was good, but i think that T2 has a better story even though this had better effects.
  24. liquidating might work better, or using that woodchipper like they did in fargo
  25. ya id probably run north to canada where they care less since that stuff happens every day there.
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