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  1. Now not to be ignorant (too late) but ive personally been with emulation since NESticle first came out but theres something I must have missed in the emu scene. I know what GoodXXX collections are but what is TOSEC? Ive tried to research it and even went to their website which only confused me more. Is it like another group trying to make rom pack standards or something?
  2. To follow up on this: "MIT's LAMP music-over-cable initiative has been shut down due to licensing concerns, as reported on The Boston Globe. Ars Technica has a good summary of the story. It appears that Loudeye did not have the rights to sell music to MIT for distribution over cable, although they apparently assured MIT that they did in fact have those rights." Another One Bites the Dust
  3. Since Disoblige took a vacation, and there hasnt been any worthwhile posts up lately,.I thought id make this milestone post at the same time while also posting a very intesting story i found on shortnews.com .... I really think we need Disoblige back
  4. well i mean, look how fast internet has sped in the last ten years.... right now as we speak i read that they are working on 10mb/s internet that will probably be available in ten years.
  5. 100 posts really are nothing... Theres other forums and places that offer more than that.... you should hit 100 in probably a month in a half in no time.
  6. try going to www.zophar.net and downloading some different plugins with speed control that would allow you to control the speed for sound and video.. Its always the plugins.
  7. Yeah ive tried in under Perfect Dark and Mario Tennis which work rather good also
  8. www.gameboy-advance.net is the best site for all of you stoarage needs.
  9. Im a big metroid fan, but ive never heard of it.. is that the one thats a remake of the orginal SNES version?
  10. But if we take no action, we would let other countries like Iraq monopolize the oil fields rasing oil prices here in the US. We had to go to war no matter once so let it be sooner rather than later.
  11. Yeah whats up with those mexican jumping beans.... What were in those to make em move around?
  12. I think that more people use Kazaa even though it is less powerful than eDonkey. People mainly use Kazaa because of the music and not the powerfulness.
  13. Are you guys looking more forward toward Doom III or Half-Life 2? Im looking more towards Half-Life 2 since i own the orginal and id rather play multiplayer than single player.... post your comments below.
  14. Nero 6 has been releasd today so go buy a copy at www.nero.com
  15. Hey ive never used Bit Torrent before, so could anyone point me to a good client for that p2p program? Thanks
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