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  1. yep still love that gun... good old retro days
  2. yeah whats with all the new sodas coming out, i mean pepsi blue, vanilla coke, mountain dew code red, sprite remix, and now this new mountain dew livewire.
  3. Hey kids, this was windows i was talking to you about in the car
  4. Powerade is just another drink made by coca-cola. Stick with gatorade, the offical drink of the flordia gators.
  5. no actaully that kid got over 2000 dollars donated to him for doing that. It turns out it wasnt a bad thing after all
  6. Americas Army is a more serious tactical game, not like counter strike. They actaully deduct points from you if your killed in action.
  7. yeah i just bought a new 3000 comp have a radeon 9800 PRO. No more probs, upgrade your comp.
  8. Yeah simpson and futurama are both the excellent works of matt groening. Sadly FOX has taken futurama off the air as always (ex. family guy). Thank god for cartoon network who still plays the classics.
  9. Half-Life 2 is coming out in september. God i hope they have counter-strike for it.
  10. if you want to make an exact copy try cloning tools like CloneCD or CloneDVD. They make an exact 1:1 copy of a game for personal backup.
  11. yeah well gta is excellent innovation for its time. i mean no one else has ever thought about the idea of just being able to wonder the streets and kill people for no reason. BUT think back 14 years from now. You would be saying super mario bros is the best game of all time. Both games use a very addicting and smooth engine which make them both the best games for THEIR TIME.
  12. yeah i have rpgmaker for the psx and its pretty nice for the occassion. I cant wait until rpg maker 2 comes out for the ps2 on november 8th
  13. 30 bucks a game?!?!? wow i usualy pay 60 at most.... where do you get off paying so cheap?
  14. Actually, these days everyone is a pc user, and 1 in every 4 people in the United States wear glasses.
  15. the problem about kazaa is that the only "software" files you can download are.exe files so people try to hide other programs in their like 1emulation.zip.exe so you have to rename it.
  16. in 10 years from now, people will move on and rap will be obsolete
  17. you downloaded it off of kazaa, and it was even the correct one. It sucks when people rename files, i mean what fun do you get out of that?
  18. and i thought it was bad when ALL-ADVANTAGE payed you for looking at ads with interest based content back in the past
  19. wow i didnt know that kid had a website... speaking of which anyone know what happened to that old guy who played the piano on the man show. I heard he died.
  20. is marvel going movie happy this year, i mean they came out with 4 movies within the last 12 months.... xmen 2, dare devil, the hulk, spider man.... not only that but they are even attracting non comic book followers.
  21. yeah like if you guys have ever played tribes..... being a female player as opposed to male is a faster person for some odd reason, hence, many perople choose female over male.
  22. if your trying to burn them cd, usual nero or easy cd creator can convert them to mp3 and burn them on for you automatically
  23. speaking of which, i watch my tv on a pvr card for my pc... anyone use one of those? well worth the investment. I can record and pause live tv while doing other things
  24. i dont know if you guys ever tried sygate personal firewall, but that is free and pretty easy to use. It offers the same protection plus more because your able to block bad ips for websites that supply them to you such as: http://www.unixhub.com/block.html all in all zonealarm is better if you dont want that extra feature
  25. They also made a remake of zelda for the pc called graal online.... www.graalonline.com its a mass multiplayer online rpg though, used to be cool back in the day.
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