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  1. Question: Have they emulated Tekken Tag Tournament on MAME yet? Answer: MAME has Tekken Tag Tournament, though it is marked as not working. Tekken 1, 2, and 3 seems to be playable with MAME. If you let the MAME development squad know how interested you are in that game, maybe they will hurry it along for you.
  2. MAME Plus! XT 0.128u1 (All In One) http://www.mamext.net/ Ratings: ***** - Five out of five stars This is MAME+ with added features like. 7378 Games M.A.M.E. Video Snaps (EmuMovies) - (Though you have to rename the folders) manuals (.pdf) - MAMEXT (All In One) opens the files by itself Consoles - (Yes this plays those game/roms also) I just clicked on the console name and it opened a window. From there I browsed to the directory I had that consoles roms in. Clicked on the game I wanted and it played. Atari 2600 Atari 5200 Atari 7800 Famicom Game Boy Advance ******************* DOES NOT WORK Game Boy / Game Boy Pocket Game Boy Color Game Gear Genesis / Mega Drive Master System I Master System II MegaDuck / Cougar Boy NES PC Engine / SuperGrafx / TurboGrafx 16 PICO Super Game Boy SNES WonderSwan WonderSwan Color Mine is working with all these photo sets: snap title score select artwork preview cabinet cpanel marquee flyer PCB Put these into the MAIN folder - gives extra information about each game: command.dat hiscore.dat history.dat mameinfo.dat story.dat These go into the subfolder named "folders" - Categorizes the games for you series.ini artwork.ini mamescore.ini command.ini rankings.ini manuals.ini Movies High Quality.ini ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The console roms are not audited as part of the mame set. Though the console bios is and or built into the emulator . ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Maybe someone can help me find these 2 roms . 1. Atari 7800 NTC 2. Magic the Gathering- Armageddon (set 1) Atari 7800 NTSC [folder: a7800 - size: 20kb] missing rom: c300558-001a.bin [size: 16384] [CRC32: a0e10edf] [sHA1: 14584b1eafe9721804782d4b1ac3a4a7313e455f] Buena Suerte (spanish, set 1) [folder: bsuerte - size: 48kb] missing rom: u38.bin [size: 4096] [CRC32: 0a159dfa] [sHA1: 0a9c8e6177b36831b365917a10042aac3383983d] missing rom: ups39_12a.bin [size: 32768] [CRC32: e6b661b7] [sHA1: b265f6814a168034d24bc1c25f67ece131281bc2] Buena Suerte (spanish, set 2) [folder: bsuertea - parent: bsuerte - size: 48kb] missing set: Buena Suerte (spanish, set 2) missing rom: x10d4esp.16c [size: 32768] [CRC32: 0606bab4] [sHA1: 624b0cef1a23a4e7ba2d2d256f30f73b1e455fa7] Magic the Gathering- Armageddon (set 1) [folder: magictg - size: 14mb] missing rom: magic.k0.u20 [size: 1048576] [CRC32: aeb617fa] [sHA1: 4853c1c3631b798312d9146a90158490f2252119] missing rom: magic.snd0.u8 [size: 1048576] [CRC32: ef3384ed] [sHA1: 0b2fa03e3da691590c705ff9d4e26ffbe374cd0f] missing rom: magic.snd1.u14 [size: 1048576] [CRC32: d591dc93] [sHA1: 6a7627659de8b9e4cde7c314504f0ee087ecab4d] missing rom: magic.snd2.u13 [size: 1048576] [CRC32: d81cb2e1] [sHA1: f62f85ce094cfe48373d0929bfdb76522315da81] missing rom: magic.snd3.u7 [size: 1048576] [CRC32: 6c8e0475] [sHA1: 9cafbc85d20390e9cd5d55e3c48a049e40a833ca] Witch Card (english) [folder: witchcrd - size: 48kb] missing rom: wc_sbruj.256 [size: 32768] [CRC32: 5689ae41] [sHA1: c7a624ec881204137489b147ce66cc9a9900650a] Witch Card (spanish, set 1) [folder: witchcda - parent: witchcrd - size: 48kb] missing set: Witch Card (spanish, set 1) missing rom: w_card.256 [size: 32768] [CRC32: 104218a4] [sHA1: 191e198f5443afc80a0e1bba3ccaad4e744b15e0] Witch Card (spanish, set 2) [folder: witchcdb - parent: witchcrd - size: 32kb] missing set: Witch Card (spanish, set 2) missing rom: w_card.128 [size: 16384] [CRC32: 620ac5ca] [sHA1: 69275683780c65a83ee6dcef3bd14ac02f4929a0] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Whats this You are missing 24 of 7459 known MameXT Plus v0.128u1 sets (+ BIOS sets) a2600 a2600p alphamc07 bsuertea gbcolor gbpocket genesis megadrij megadriv megaduck nes nespal pce pico picoj picou sg1000m3 sgx supergb tg16 witchcda witchcdb wscolor wswan -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. Think I have a load of Pinball roms I never got running on Windows XP Will have to look into it after I get done with updating MAME v0.80 Under windows 98 I was just getting into pinball emulation and some of the tables were awsome. creating my own table sounds like work IJTF_Cinder - maybe one day. until then I will be playing the old commercial emulated pinball tables hopefully. Bye
  4. Every one of these files can be found using the P2P file sharing & chat program DC++ http://dcplusplus.sourceforge.net Hub address - anythinggoesemulation.no-ip.info 27 MAME v0.80.CHD's roms/area51/area51.chd roms/area51mx/area51mx.chd roms/biofreak/biofreak.chd roms/blitz/blitz.chd roms/blitz2k/blitz2k.chd roms/blitz99/blitz99.chd roms/bm1stmix/753jaa11.chd roms/bm2ndmix/853jaa11.chd roms/bm4thmix/847jaa11.chd roms/bmcompmx/858jaa11.chd roms/bmcorerm/a05jaa11.chd roms/bmdct/995jaa11.chd roms/calspeed/calspeed.chd roms/carnevil/carnevil.chd roms/cryptklr/ckiller.chd roms/hmcompm2/988jaa11.chd roms/jdredd/jdreddc.chd roms/jdreddb/jdreddb.chd roms/kinst/kinst.chd roms/kinst2/kinst2.chd roms/mace/mace.chd roms/maxforce/maxforce.chd roms/primrag2/primrag2.chd roms/sfrush/sfrush.chd roms/vcircle/vcircle.chd roms/wargods/wargods.chd roms/wg3dh/wg3dh.chd * all the other.CHD's are clones and use there parent.CHD/folder so no need to mention them here or download them. Each CHD requires it's rom also, but placed in the roms folder not the.chd's folder. --------------------------------------------------------------- Why don't my old CHD files work with MAME anymore? --------------------------------------------------------------- For version 0.78 and above, the CHD format was changed, and any CHD files that were being used in versions 0.77 and below need to be updated. Conversion of OLD.chd's Download the batch file "http://www.mametitles.com/chd.html" Extract it into your command line version MAME http://www.mame.net/downmain.html. with the.chd's in there roms subfolder. Then just click on the batch file and it will do the conversion. Verify it with a rom manager such as clrMAMEPRO http://www.clrmame.com/ If it passes the audit then remove the backup/old copy. *4 of these CHD's require a diff file found at the above address to convert. (blitz99-diff.zip - jdreddb2c-diff.zip - jdreddc2b-diff.zip - mace-diff.zip) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Another way You will need the "chdman" tool. The chdman.exe file comes with the standard MAME binary zip file which you can find at http://www.mame.net/downmain.html. Before doing any updating, make backups of the CHDs if you can, should anything go wrong when the updating takes place. For most of the chd's you simply need to convert them with chdman. As an example, we will look at the steps to convert the chd file for "Killer Instinct" which is "kinst.chd". (This assumes you have placed the chd file to convert in the same directory as the chdman tool. First, rename the file "kinst.chd" to "kinstold.chd" Open up windows XP (Start/all Programs/Accessories/command prompt and browse (using "CD") to the directory with chdman.exe and run it. Use chdman to update the chd by using the command "chdman -update kinstold.chd kinst.chd" This will generate a new updated "kinst.chd" file in the same directory. Check the new file has been created in the directory and audit it with ClrMAMEPro "http://www.clrmame.com/" "A Rom Manager" to make sure it was successful, and then delete the old version, "kinstold.chd". ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Another example put your.77 verified blitz99.chd, chdman.exe, and the blitz99-diff.chd in the same directory, bring up a commandline, navigate to the correct directory, and type: chdman -merge blitz99.chd blitz99-diff.chd blitz99-new.chd And do the same with your.77 verified mace.chd, mace-diff.chd, etc...) Finally, move the new updated file back to its correct place, the "kinst" directory, if you moved it from there to carry out the update.
  5. Replace the pinball forum. What are you nuts!!!! The pinball forum has nothing to do with this. Wish we had some pinmame/virtual pinmame guru help me out. anythinggoesemulation.no-ip.info It looks great and I want to get into it. Need a hand though.
  6. Sorry been away like forever because I could not login. My hub is still up going strong. The soul root of the Emulation hub is. Address: anythinggoesemulation.no-ip.info Please visit us a support your loco Game Cop.
  7. DC Hub in the network: AnyThing Goes Emulation: dchub://anythinggoesemulation.no-ip.info (Network Hub Owner: BossHog) Recently, our best network hub: We try to make the best of it and keep the network alive so be sure to visit our newest network hub. A great hub with good amount of users and nice operators, see you there -Magnis, ••€mü-Ñëtwø®k•• Owner Yeah great hub. Come on in and park it.
  8. emuchina.udgnet.com M M M M M INVADERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DOH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This message has been brought to you by Elvis The first post here ever
  9. I am the self proclaimed "Sector Inspector". Hence my title. Therefor grant me access. Contact me at Emu's Hub And thank you Goodbye
  10. I played many sports - Probably all U.S. sports if you count gym class. Played these sports: Soccer Baseball Basketball Track Football Wrestling Well my sport days are pretty much over. So now I keep up my exercise with: Jogging Biking Swimming Weight Lifting
  11. Use DC++ v0.233 or farther back. For v0.24 is not working at this hub. At the moment. I just closed the program and installed the old DC++ program over it. All ques and shared folders were saved. I only lost my password and favorite hub info/addresses. Which I wrote down befor installing.
  12. My favorite would have to be Direct Connect for these simple reasons. Though I do find it necessary to visit a few of the others. Some are just rediculious. No more single clicking on every rom. No spam/adds. No vanishing rom links. No more disappearing ftp. No MIRC wait a 4 days. No more edonkey, mule file never comes. No more Kazaa, Not finding what you want. No paying for binarie News Groups/incomplete parts. Places for rom collectors. Dirrect Connect "hubs" IRC/MIRC Kazaa Edonkey/Mule Homepage rom site "http://" Newsgroups FTP File Mirrors Click on the Rom Genie link of this homepage to download DIRECT CONNECT add the address into the program and you are off to collecting all the roms you want. You can also use the address in other programs such as DC++. Goggle search for that version if you like that better. I do.
  13. Subject was locked on the front page for newcomers to see. Hub was down. So could not edit or remove the subject. So spammed this message above it.
  14. Spock Here - Theory of Origin Captain Kirk Fairyland Tales do come true. First off I want to tell you all. We are made of stardust. Same as that dumb blue and brown rock floating out in the abyss, growing moss on itself. So say hi to Mr. RockOFellow for me. Recycle - lol. Sorry the Object Formery Known as Jesus Christ is not here with us know. Though he has surely taken new form. What do you want to be when your dead? Compost heap, food for a Dung beetle, plant fertilizer, worm food, fish bait, dinner, bicycle built for two,etc.. So you can't make up your mind, don't worry. Certainly you will become something. Be all you can be. Odds of becoming oneself again are astronomical. More likely you will be bits and parts of otherthings. Say hi to Mr. Burns Lastly our "lives" are "chemical reaactions" like fire. Nothing more nothing less. Pure Energy. We come in piece, shoot to kill, shoot to kill. He's dead Jim dead Jim. This is life jim but not as we know it, not as we, know it. Elvistology
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