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  1. yeah solidus, i did do 100 posts that day, but listen, were they 'spam' posts, or were they posts that were acceptable to each post? I replyed to a lot of posts in one day, and each post wasnt a random "asjhsadadsjjh" just to get X amounts of posting credit. These posts were communicating and helping other members. I also commented on stuff they said and agreed with what they posted. Im not here to spam people or to tick you guys off. Im here because I love the past and I love emulation and playing old games. You are having a hard time of understanding this since you took my rights to the rom sector away, and I apologize for accedently bringing up about 10 old posts from the past. But i vowed not to do this again, and I learned from the past of what the consequences were. IN FACT I didnt even know that the posts were being brought up to the main forum, or I wouldn't have never EVER thought of doing it in the first place. I hope that you understand my meaning and well being of what I mean't to do. Thanks MarkT2256
  2. By the way, Nero 6 comes out on June 18th.
  3. Do you guys think Steinbrenner will get rid of Torre and put Pinella in? Do you guys think he should do this? Submit your opinions below.
  4. yeah id have to say, i only finish certain games... and RE 2 is one of them. It was such a great game for n64 when it came out. Scared the crap out of me. It was the best RE ive played so far. DC is alright, but I like RE2 the best.
  5. Hey what do you guys think of the mario bros movie that was made 8 years ago. Dennis Hopper was in there and I thought it was alright.
  6. Todays music sucks..... plus you cant get over 100 channels for both using sight and hearing. Watch TV definately.
  7. noo anything but jump off the living room couch.... i mean id even rather jump off a cliff WITHOUT a parachute.
  8. yeah that is really a great place to go to if your interested in building an arcade cabinet.
  9. yeah guys when he means bathroom, hes not referring to showering, he means using the toliet (for the europeans). j/k
  10. yeah im afraid of them. Never been to a circus maybe thats why. Also maybe after watching to many of Nickoledoens: Are You Afraid of the Dark? episodes of scary clowns.
  11. ah yes in a humor point of view its pretty funny. Nice job
  12. look im sorry. I didnt mean to shoot 'spam' i mean shooting spam is the act of getting 100s of emails a day (happens to us all) which tell you how to get your censor enlarged by a couple feet. Anyway, i didnt realize that i was replying to messages that were a month old and if i did i wouldnt have done it in the first place. Not only that I espically didnt know that they were returned to the top of the forum. I didnt mean to disrupt your forum and again, i apologize for that. Im sorry, i was just trying to help and reply to messages accordingly.
  13. well watching your self die, from feet to head must be pretty nasty too
  14. first i ever used was nesticle, back in the day... and it still works well with old 386s
  15. To 1emulation members: I have just joined this forum today: June 29, 2003. Between the time I joined, which was about 10:00am and 1:00pm est, I have posted over 100 messages. This may seem a lot and it is. The worst part of this involves the Current Affairs forum. I accidently went replay crazy and replyed to most of the messages that were months old. I did not realize that the messages would be brought back up to the top of the forum once replyed to. If I did know this I wouldn't have done this and called the inconvience upon this forum. I apologize to the problems that this has brought upon the ops here and members of the 1emulation. I thank GameCop for being lenient toward me. I hope you do not get the wrong impression of how I operate as a member. I will not do this again, and I plan to help the forum out by replying to recent messages ONLY. With this said, I hope you can all forgive the actions I have made, I apologize to everyone, and I thank GameCop for being a good OP by setting me straight with this matter. Again my condolences, MarkT2256
  16. ya, you can do that on google too, and google finds more results
  17. http://www.gamespy.com/avatars/ is a great place to get avatars. they got a huge selection, plus you dont need a host
  18. yeah thats one thing about half-life... you can express yourself with sprays. good innovation
  19. I just got a new comp, but i got a prob. When i try to play nes roms like super mario bros, my comp is too fast and plays the music very fast. Any ideas?
  20. yeah that site used to be www.psxemu.com until they changed it 3 years ago... good site
  21. yeah i have it also, and i have the ps2 version. i put the settings to its highest on the pc and its very nice... id give it 9 stars
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