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  1. good question... id say yeah the average is 4-6 times a day... i probably am in there 5 times a day
  2. yeah ive never been too much of a fan of anime, couldnt stand watching dragon ball z on tv with all those flashing lights and poor animation... i guess thats just my preference.
  3. hey cmon now i just raided with porn.... erasing cache.....
  4. yeah try a www.website.tk domain sometime they are easier than www.geocities.com/website domains
  5. my friend uses a.tk domain that is free so you could put it on something like www.mywebsite.tk looks nice
  6. yeah its got a pretty good selection and the site works... well done again.
  7. yeah sometimes the ftps are down but thats a chance you gotta take. there is always p2p newsgroups if all else fails.
  8. wait the arcade version ran off of a laser disc?!?! wow interesting. Didnt think they could do that
  9. yeah maddox is pretty funny too if youve ever been there: http://maddox.xmission.com/
  10. yeah i agree thanks, it has an excellent translation of Lord Monarch
  11. did bleemcast really work, i mean did it really play crap like the pc version or was it a new design?
  12. yeah thanks for the tips... try using BulletProofFTP which is the best out there, trust me on that one, it doesnt get any better than that
  13. yeah they charge for a more higher end graal edition, or you could play the classic edition of graal. I know a friend that has galaxies, says its awesome except for the lag you get from some 56kers
  14. whats verified, how can you tell?
  15. By the way, PVR meaning Personal Video Recorder, just like a TiVo works if you ever heard of one or seen one.
  16. you can get them for 50 bucks but i payed 200 for a usb PVR... they are worth it in the end.
  17. yeah i live in a dorm with 3 guys.... college life, gotta love it
  18. i use www.zophar.net which is updated daily with emulation and has reviews for every emulator etc.
  19. yeah i agree, clicking the reply button to say a one sentence reply may be slow for people on 56k
  20. Since ps3 will be coming out first i think that the biggest hype will be toward that area. Then when xbox 2 comes out people will be too tired to hype about that system when they already have a playstation
  21. yeah i was never the fan of fighting games... too many controls to master at once, but id play mortal kombat over those games any day
  22. I see future emulation not happenning until 2 things happen first: 1. Internet speeds drasticly increase to at least 1mb/sec minimum 2. CPU speed increase to at least 5GHz. without this we couldnt match todays system emulation like we do with the nes and snes.
  23. Yeah golden axe...... best yet shortest game... and sonic was the fastest upbeat game i played for its time.
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