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  1. Okay great I hate that stupid attack system stuff, though the down part about it is the Kudo / Gripe system was not installed like at miskies .
  2. Awesome stuff indeed dude, I have to check it out sometime .
  3. RockNES is a NES emulator for DOS & Linux. Only the DOS binary has been updated. News: * More internal changes and rewrites; * NES joypad latch was not being cleared if the input type is joystick; * Fixed a mistake on movie play status (bleh); * Fixed a stupid loading bug for trained ROMs; * Fixed ppu address reset behaviour (Rambo is okay); * Fixed MMC3 IRQs (yay, finally); * Allowed mapper IRQs to trigger on scanline 240 (fixes a few games); * Added a specific fix for Rad Racer games (the road is okay); * Fixed 8-sprites ppu flag; * Fixed filenames to dump chr data; * Small PSG and color emphasis/monochrome optimizations; * GFX corruption (like map#226) has been fixed; * Changed joypad data reading behaviour; * Changed to compile with the newest stable Allegro release; * Changed some filenames for dumping RAMs; * Minor core cleanups, bug fixes and cosmetic changes. Get it at - http://rocknes.kinox.org/
  4. Neco is a PC Engine emulator for Windows & BeOS. Only the Windows binary has been updated. News: - Handle Zip files to load ROMs or skins Emulator (Video): - Backgrounds X/Y Masks -> Less weird gfx - Raster Compare -> Modification of a value -> Better vertical scrolling Emulator (CPU): - Banks Masks on TAM -> Less crashes - Interruptions -> Addresses pushed are not decremented - Some instructions fixed (TRB($1C)) GUI: - Menu Added - More fonts (ViewBars) - Background Color or Image - Cursor Image - Minimization of views - File Dialog to open files - Key events restructuration (use of pointers to methods) - Surface Resizement Configuration File: - Set numbers of instructions to be displayed - Set the number of cycles to execute before starting Neco - Set a breakpoint Get it at - http://etud.epita.fr:8000/~tching_v/dev/neco/
  5. Project Tempest version 0.4 has been released. Get it at - http://pt.emuunlim.com/
  6. The MAME Work In Progress page has been updated with some Work In Progress (W.I.P) news. Check out the info at - http://www.mame.net/status.html
  7. You think that one is cool you should see Magnis's old beavis, and butt head one, where both beavis, and butt head are president bushs LOL, that is a total freakin riot. Maybe Magnis would be so kind as to post it here for all of us to enjoy.
  8. DreamCastLover I know you said you were gone for good but if somehow you just dropped by to read the board for one last time or something please get in touch with me dude, I GOT SOME VERY, VERY INTRESTING STUFF TO LET YOU KNOW , K thanks dude, hope to hear from you soon.
  9. Thats crazy to think Tim could mess everything up the way he did huh .
  10. You know what I just mite today or tommorrow thanks a bunch for the invite .
  11. LOL, I would just like to thank everyone who voted for me for this excellent award, I feel like crying thank you soooo much .
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