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  1. I believe that it will absoulutly happen at some time in the future. Maybe not in a traditional sense, but in some shape/form. I don't claim to be an expert by any means in this area but the basics holdups as I see them are: 1.) Distance 2.) Speed 3.) collision avoidance The space station should take care of the problem of fuel consumption while leaving the earths atmosphere. Although, I don't know how it would help with any of the problems I listed above. I have heard traditional theories state that a huge self contained colony could travel from here to a near by solar system. It would take generations to get there, because of the speed/distance, but by going slow they could avoid getting whacked by a stray asteriod. The problem I see with this is why would the people on the ship want to get off when they reach thier destination? If all you, your parents, grandparents, etc, etc...ever knew was life on the ship, would you want to leave it for the unknown? I also saw something on Discovery channel this one time. The scientist on the show thought that in the future genetic technology would allow scientists to merge silicon chips, and living cells...think of the terminator. He thought that little ships could be made that held all of our knowledge, and that when they landed they could clone/produce human bieings to populate the new planet. This sounds like it might work, but who would raise the little clones to adulthood?? I suppose if you sent out a few thousand of these a couple might take root but we would never know. It's hard to say. Maybe in the next 20 or 30 years someone will invent a way to get from point A to B in a flash. The way technology has advanced in my short lifetime it wouldn't suprise me one bit. I mean 100 years ago this December the Wright brothers flew for the first time. Look how far we have come in 100 years!!
  2. My favorite board game of all time is Risk. Me and a few of my friends used to play it quite a bit when we were kids. Now the problem is trying to get the four of us all together again to play when we are spread out all over the country.
  3. These forums are the best I have ever found. I have to agree about the flaming and just plain rudeness on the other forums I frequented in the past. I used to post at a forum (the name escapes me at the moment), where they would lock down multiple threads a day. Basically, they would rip on the poster(s), and then lock it down so they would get the last word. I have never seen that here. Everyone here seems to get along great. It's very refreshing
  4. I think it was around 97. Mostly just MAME and Sega for the first couple of years. I had to choose what ROMs to get carefully as I had a mere 4 GB hard drive.
  5. My first computer (which is still in working condtion eventhough I don't hook it up often) was a Commodore 64. Man, did I spend a ton of hours on that thing back in the 80's. My first PC was a hunk of junk that I impulse bought. It was a Pentium 200 w/ MMX (MMX.....Oooooohhh). I bought it basically to play emulators after a friend of mine filled me in on the hobby!!
  6. stjames


    Yeah, Disoblige did run a highscore challenge for a while. It was tough to get people to submit scores though. I sent a few in, but it never really caught on, and during the summer time people have so many other things to do it is hard to get them to participate.
  7. Thanks, that did it. I didn't think of updating the bios file......DOH!!
  8. I just updated to MAME32 v.71 and now none of my neo-geo games will pass the audit. They still work, but when I audit them they all fail. Whats going on? I tried dl'ing the newer sets of neo-geo roms from mame.dk and the same thing happens with those, so I am guessing that my original roms were up to date. I also noticed that mame audits all the neo-geo roms at the end of the audit all in a row. It didn't do that before. Is there a add on file I need or something up and above the neo-geo.zip file?? Any help appreciated. I can play the roms, but it is a minor annoyance that they won't show up on my available list, and I would like to correct it.
  9. I always have the tv on when I am on the pc. Most often I watch: History channel FOX Discovery ESPN Nick at Nite - or Spongebob Squarepants during the day Sci - Fi
  10. i will play any of the AoE games with anyone. My pc is in the middle stages of geting fixed, but I think it can handle some 2 D fun!
  11. This is a little better thread then the one about the top 10 games. It just seemed way too hard to pick 10 games out of thousands. 1.) Sid Meier - AKA Pirates! and Civ., and Silent Service fame. 2.) Shigeru Miyamoto - Like his games or not, you'd be hardpressed to find a more accomplished game architecht. 3.) E.A. - They have been around since virtualy the begining of gaming, and have released more quality titles then any other company hands down. H.M - Square, Llamma Soft, Infocom, Monolith, and Activision.
  12. Good question, I have never really tjhought about it. I have been playing ganes for about 25 years: 10 games a year average $30 a game average 10 games x 25 years = 250 games (sounds about right) 250 games x $30 = $7500 This does not inlude systems (2600, Intellivision, Colecovision, 5200, C64, C128, Amiga, 7800, Nintendo, Master system, SNES, Sega, 32x, Sega CD, 3DO, PSX, N64, N64 Again, First PC, Second PC, Third PC. Even at an average of $300 a system this would equal $6600, and thats way low, cause my last pc put me out $3800 alone. I guess it is around $15000 - to $20000 over the last 25 years. WOW...thanks for ruining my day lol
  13. here is my top 10 IN ORDER: 1.) Ultima IV 2.) Zork 1,2,3 3.) GTA 3 4.) Pirates! 5.) Bards Tale 1 6.) Doom 7.) FF VII 8.) Age of Empires - The Conquerers 9.) Killing Time 10.) Command & Conquer - Red Alert Thats my story....and I'm stickn' to it!!
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