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  1. Someone in a review for it said that the letters showed up as nonsense symbols (@,! that type of stuff) rather than japanese. Anyone had any experience with the action replay? Also, in another topic someone mentioned freeloader for $10, where would i get that? I've only seen it for $20+. I'd much rather spend a little more for an action replay if it works than freeloader since action replay does codes obviously.
  2. Don't tell me the wonders of broadband I just recently lost mine, hence the need for the call thing. They boosted the price to $50, and if we got out early there was a $200 contract breaking fee or something, so when the contract renewal thing came up we quit . Money's getting tight so i need a free one, and it said callwave was only a trial. It sounds pretty good though...
  3. Yea i saw callwave, it's a month demo. I heard it used to be free but not anymore .
  4. Or something like that. Disconnect, tell me, let them leave a message, whatever. I know there has to be something. I'm still looking on google but they all seem to be trials and then you pay. Anyone have any recomendations? Thanks.
  5. Can any emulators run it yet? It seemed to me that they were saying only part of the game was emulated yet...?
  6. Yeah that's what i ended up doing. I got all but the first one. I might get that one later. I'm content with vampire hunter 2 and vampire saviour 2 cause those seem to have all the characters (Jedah is the coolest!). Thanks for the help.
  7. He's just using zero's though. His main weapon and "specialty" is still the x-buster. You don't really use the sword for much. In X3 you can get zero's sword too. Oh yeah, but the blade and shadow armor use the sword in X6...hmm. The shadow armor kicks so much ass it's not even funny. Ok i'm rambling, point is zero is cooler. If there was an option for x with shadow armor i'd pick that one though .
  8. Yeah that's what I was thinking too, but who knows. I'll get it anyway. Thx. (Woo lvl up)
  9. There's like 20 of them on playagain.net and i can never figure out which is the newest one. They all say they came out in '97 but there's like vampire saviour, vampire saviour 2, darkstalkers 2, vampire hunter, etc. So thanks in advance
  10. No there's only one series, they explain the whole angel thing later. You gotta see that series a few times cause it's totaly crazy. I've only seen it once though . I love when shinji's eva goes berserk .
  11. Oh man, protoman or zero... I guess since i've played the x games more than the regular megaman's, i'll have to go with zero. Anyone who uses a sword is good in my book.
  12. I dont think it has anything to do with mugen, but i'm not sure. I think it's like zip or rar files. The info is all gca'd up in there and i need to get it out to use it. Won't you help me free the poor information it just wants to play. I could take another look at the mugen faq too.
  13. Ok I got a few mugen characters but they're in.gca format... I looked on download.com and found some zipsearch or something, no idea how to use it, deleted it. Wtf are.gca files? I can't find anything on google either. Anyone know how to "un-gca" these things?
  14. Neo fought the smiths cause he's cocky. There were only a few at first and he thought he could take them easy, and when more came he got lost in the heat of the battle. Plus it looked cool and they wanted to show that there's a ton of smiths and they are a threat to neo, not just some big group of panzies. That's my theory.
  15. Anyone play it yet? How is it? Any new news on the rom yet?
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