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  1. the dats it made are really different than the ones that came with fbaxxx-PR, i dont think i had one correct rom, but 99% of mine check ok with the PR dat...
  2. edit your ini for "special" mode i cannot get any neogeo games to work? i get a black screen after decryption. any ideas?
  3. ya i have friends who dont go on live but have a modded xbox...
  4. you should also upgrade to a bios that blocks live so you dont get burned again. you could also get a new eeprom from someone who doesnt use live. anticon? havent really liked anything put out from that camp for a while now...
  5. and also, dont you think if there was some way that could be done, the company who you were copying and selling the games would make it so you couldnt do that in the first place? really tho, be happy with what you got, no need to become a pirate.
  6. yeah its alot better for me than those crappy RCA cables, screen crawl goes away, colors are much sharper and so is the image. Sound still uses RCA hookups, cause s video only carries the picture, but my s video pack has an optical out for sound.
  7. i get bank error also on samsho5. i also get some test screen in mslug5 and i cannot get out of it. help!
  8. i used PR's dat for romcenter and it looks like my romset is really screwed, im missing alot of stuff, i know its large but if anyone can help please post to newsgroup etc... 1944j nffj.03 (247521ef) nffj.05 (7f20c2ef) 19xxa 19xa.03 (0c20fd50) 19xa.04 (1fc37508) 19xa.05 (6c9cc4ed) 19xa.06 (ca5b9f76) 19xxj 19xj.04a (fb8e3f29) 2020bb 030-c3.bin (47fddfee) 030-c4.bin (780d1c4e) 2020bba 030-p1.rom (c59be3dd) 030-c3.bin (47fddfee) 030-c4.bin (780d1c4e) 2020bbh 030-c3.bin (47fddfee) 030-c4.bin (780d1c4e) aof3 096-c1.bin (f17b8d89) 096-c2.bin (3840c508) 096-c3.bin (55f9ee1e) 096-c4.bin (585b7e47) 096-c5.bin (c75a753c) 096-c6.bin (9a9d2f7a) batcir btcex.03 (2d193cd0) btcex.04 (a3895d8b) btcex.05 (bdbed16f) btcex.06 (02048217) btce.03 (bc60484b) btce.04 (457d55f6) btce.05 (e86560d7) btce.06 (f778e61b) batridrk prg0.u22 (d9d8c907) battlegb prg_0.bin (951ecc07) prg_1.bin (729a60c6) bbakraid rom6.829 (8848b4a0) rom7.830 (d6224267) rom8.831 (a101dfb0) bbkraidu prg0u022.new (fa8d38d3) prg1u023.new (4ae9aa64) rom6.829 (8848b4a0) rom7.830 (d6224267) rom8.831 (a101dfb0) blazstar 239-c1.bin (84f6d584) 239-c2.bin (05a0cb22) 239-c3.bin (5fb69c9e) 239-c4.bin (0be028c4) 239-c5.bin (74bae5f8) 239-c6.bin (4e0700d2) 239-c7.bin (010ff4fd) 239-c8.bin (db60460e) bustamov bam_p1.rom (ac1e9ef3) bam_m1.rom (f424368a) bam_v1.rom (f8872aed) bam_v2.rom (5c8cf5fe) csclub cscex.03 (305fce70) cscex.04 (d11da066) cscex.05 (410c6220) cscex.06 (eaf70123) csce.03 (f2c852ef) csce.04 (1184530f) csce.05 (804e2b6b) csce.06 (09277cb9) csclubh csch.03 (0dd7e46d) csch.04 (486e8143) csch.05 (9e509dfb) csch.06 (817ba313) cthd2003 5003-p1.bin (bb7602c1) 5003-p2.bin (adc1c22b) 5003-s1.bin (5ba29aab) 5003-c1.bin (68f54b67) 5003-c2.bin (2f8849d5) 5003-c3.bin (ac4aff71) 5003-c4.bin (afef5d66) 5003-c5.bin (c7c1ae50) 5003-c6.bin (613197f9) 5003-c7.bin (64ddfe0f) 5003-c8.bin (917a1439) 5003-m1.bin (23772b2a) cthd2k3n 5003n-p2.bin (eba65bda) 5003-m1d.bin (534fd1e7) 262-v1.bin (83d49ecf) 262-v2.bin (003f1843) 262-v3.bin (2ae38dbe) 262-v4.bin (26ec4dd9) ddonpach b2.u27 (b5cdc8d3) b2.u26 (6bbb063a) ddsom dd2ex.03e (bdbc9b38) dd2ex.04e (24d1be86) dd2e.03e (449361af) dd2e.04e (5b7052b6) dd2e.05e (788d5f60) dd2e.06e (e0807e1e) ddsoma dd2ax.03g (3eacb6c3) dd2ax.04g (2afaa486) ddsomj dd2jx.03g (f6abe885) dd2jx.04g (3abd7f79) ddsomu dd2ux.03g (124ad51a) dd2ux.04g (5401c248) dd2u.03g (fb089b39) dd2u.04g (cd432b73) donpachi prgu.u29 (89c36802) text.u58 (5dba06e7) dstlk vamex.03a (2d1e4919) vamex.04a (e5172837) vame.03a (004c9cff) vame.04a (ae413ff2) vame.05a (60678756) vame.06a (912870b3) vame.07a (dabae3e8) vame.08a (2c6e3077) vame.09a (f16db74b) vame.10a (701e2147) espradej u42_ver2.bin (75d03c42) u41_ver2.bin (734b3ef0) fatfursa 058-ep1.bin (9f0c1e1a) fightfva 060-p1a.bin (2a104b50) fr2ch (all roms) 098ch-p1.bin (a2527a5f) 098ch-s1.bin (764ac7aa) 098ch-c1.bin (29bf9af0) 098ch-c2.bin (3cf46f63) 098ch-m1.bin (a455fa31) 098ch-v1.bin (92e175f0) gaia (all roms) prg1.127 (47b904b2) prg2.128 (469b7794) obj1.736 (f4f84e5d) obj2.738 (15c2a9ce) bg1.989 (013a693d) bg2.995 (783cc62f) bg3.998 (bcd61d1c) snd1.447 (92770a52) snd1.454 (329ae1cf) snd1.455 (4048d64e) ganryun gann_c1d.bin (6bf7605b) gann_c2d.bin (596792ce) garou 253-sma.bin (98bc93dc) 253-ep1.p1 (ea3171a4) 253-ep2.p2 (382f704b) 253-ep3.p3 (e395bfdd) 253-ep4.p4 (da92c08e) garoun motwn_c1.bin (497be3f2) motwn_c2.bin (6a9e95ca) motwn_c3.bin (39373d2f) motwn_c4.bin (4de23f6c) motwn_c5.bin (16634ba5) motwn_c6.bin (95671ffd) motwn_c7.bin (e36ce77f) motwn_c8.bin (ddbd1096) 253-sma.bin (98bc93dc) 253-ep1.p1 (ea3171a4) 253-ep2.p2 (382f704b) 253-ep3.p3 (e395bfdd) ghostlop (all roms) 228-p1.bin (6033172e) 228-s1.bin (83c24e81) 228-c1.bin (bfc99efe) 228-c2.bin (69788082) 228-m1.bin (fd833b33) 228-v1.bin (c603fce6) goalx3 209-c1.bin (b49d980e) 209-c2.bin (5649b015) kabukikl 092-c1.bin (2a9fab01) 092-c2.bin (6d2bac02) 092-c3.bin (5da735d6) 092-c4.bin (de07f997) kf2k2pls 265-p1p.bin (6a3a02f3) 265-s1p.bin (1a3ed064) 265-p2.bin (327266b8) 265-m1d.bin (f6fab859) kingdmgp ma02rom5.bin (8c28460b) kof2001 262-p1.bin (9381750d) 262-p2.bin (8e0d8329) 262-m1d.bin (73c1f5b0) 265-262.m1 (1d5aab51) 262-v1.bin (83d49ecf) 262-v2.bin (003f1843) 262-v3.bin (2ae38dbe) kof2001h 262-pg1.bin (2af7e741) 262-m1a.bin (ece052b5) 265-262.m1 (1d5aab51) 262-v1.bin (83d49ecf) 262-v2.bin (003f1843) 262-v3.bin (2ae38dbe) 262-v4.bin (26ec4dd9) kof2002 265-p2.bin (327266b8) 265-c1.bin (2b65a656) 265-c2.bin (adf18983) 265-c3.bin (875e9fd7) 265-c4.bin (2da13947) 265-c5.bin (61bd165d) 265-c6.bin (03fdd1eb) 265-c7.bin (1a2749d8) 265-c8.bin (ab0bb549) 265-m1d.bin (f6fab859) kof2003f 271-s1.rom (7c7829aa) kof2k1nd 262-p1.bin (9381750d) 262-p2.bin (8e0d8329) 262-m1d.bin (73c1f5b0) 262-v1.bin (83d49ecf) 262-v2.bin (003f1843) 262-v3.bin (2ae38dbe) 262-v4.bin (26ec4dd9) kof2k2nd 265-p2.bin (327266b8) 265-m1d.bin (f6fab859) kof95 084-c1.bin (fe087e32) 084-c2.bin (07864e09) 084-c3.bin (a4e65d1b) 084-c4.bin (c1ace468) 084-v1.bin (84861b56) kof95a 084a-p1.bin (2cba2716) 084-c1.bin (fe087e32) 084-c2.bin (07864e09) 084-c3.bin (a4e65d1b) 084-c4.bin (c1ace468) 084-v1.bin (84861b56) kof96h 214-pg1.bin (bd3757c9) kof97a 232-pg1.bin (5c2400b7) kof98 yz98-p1.160 (8893df89) 242-m1a.bin (4ef7016b) kof98a 242-m1a.bin (4ef7016b) kof98k 242-m1k.bin (ce12da0c) yz98-p1.160 (8893df89) kof99 251-sma.kc (6c9d0647) 251-pg2.bin (d9057f51) kof99nd kf99n_c1.bin (b3d88546) kf99n_c2.bin (915c8634) kf99n_c3.bin (b047c9d5) kf99n_c4.bin (6bc8e4b1) kf99n_c5.bin (9746268c) kf99n_c6.bin (238b3e71) kf99n_c7.bin (2f68fdeb) kf99n_c8.bin (4c2fad1e) kotm2 039-c3.bin (bfc4f0b2) 039-c4.bin (81c9c250) lastblad 234-c5.bin (1ba80cee) 234-c6.bin (beafd091) magdrop3 233-c1.bin (65e3f4c4) 233-c2.bin (35dea6c9) 233-c3.bin (0ba2c502) 233-c4.bin (70dbbd6d) matrimah 266ah-p1.bin (1e59c746) matr_c7.rom (7866197c) matr_c8.rom (a9ff5b5c) 266-m1d.bin (6cdfbb6d) matrimb matr_c7.rom (7866197c) matr_c8.rom (a9ff5b5c) 266-m1d.bin (6cdfbb6d) megamn2a rm2a.03 (2b330ca7) ms5plus 268-p1p.bin (106b276f) 268-p2p.bin (d6a458e8) 268-p3p.bin (439ec031) 268-s1p.bin (21e04432) 268-m1d.bin (6866d696) 268-v1d.bin (14848c5c) 268-v2d.bin (696cce3b) msh mshe.03 (bd951414) mshe.04 (19dd42f2) mshb mshb.03c (19697f74) mshb.04c (95317a6f) mshvsfj2 mvsj.03g (fdfa7e26) mvsj.04g (c921825f) mslug 201-c1.bin (72813676) 201-c2.bin (96f62574) 201-c3.bin (5121456a) 201-c4.bin (f4ad59a3) mslug4 263-p1.bin (27e4def3) 263-c1.bin (6c2b0856) 263-c2.bin (c6035792) 263-c3.bin (0721d112) 263-c4.bin (6aa688dd) 263-c5.bin (794bc2d6) 263-c6.bin (f85eae54) 263-m1d.bin (69fedba1) 263-v1.bin (01e9b9cd) 263-v2.bin (4ab2bf81) mslug4b ms4_s1.rom (c4f4ed0e) ms4_m1.rom (69fedba1) mslug5 268-p1.bin (d0466792) 268-c1.bin (27d59de8) 268-c2.bin (e600dee1) 268-c3.bin (b650f098) 268-c4.bin (10499589) 268-c5.bin (19352405) 268-c6.bin (b1531523) 268-c7.bin (fe2c1338) 268-c8.bin (ecce3141) 268-m1d.bin (6866d696) 268-v1d.bin (14848c5c) 268-v2d.bin (696cce3b) mslug5a 268-v1a.bin (0ab43275) 268-v2a.bin (358b1419) 268-c1.bin (27d59de8) 268-c2.bin (e600dee1) 268-c3.bin (b650f098) 268-c4.bin (10499589) 268-c5.bin (19352405) 268-c6.bin (b1531523) 268-c7.bin (fe2c1338) 268-c8.bin (ecce3141) mslug5nd 268-m1d.bin (6866d696) 268-v1d.bin (14848c5c) 268-v2d.bin (696cce3b) ncombata 009-pg1.bin (8e9f0add) neobombe 093-c1.bin (d1f328f8) 093-c2.bin (82c49540) 093-v1.bin (02abd4b0) neodemo demo-p1.bin (fbfce2a4) demo-s1.bin (cd19264f) demo-c1.bin (870b28ea) demo-c2.bin (1ecf8128) neodrift 213-c1.bin (3edc8bd3) 213-c2.bin (46ae5f16) neonopon nnp-p1.bin (8a792271) nnp-c1.bin (4a718ae3) nnp-c2.bin (0e2cbc25) neonopon1 nnp1-c1.rom (24dcba77) nnp1-c2.rom (57c41e26) neopong pong-p1.bin (9f35e29d) pong-s1.bin (cd19264f) pong-c1.bin (f5a57d1a) pong-c2.bin (affde64e) ninjamas 217-c1.bin (5fe97bc4) 217-c2.bin (886e0d66) 217-c3.bin (59e8525f) 217-c4.bin (8521add2) 217-c5.bin (fb1896e5) 217-c6.bin (1c98c54b) 217-c7.bin (8b0ede2e) 217-c8.bin (a085bb61) nwarr vphux.03f (d1c35094) vphux.04c (48b01f4e) vphux.05e (0147c2a5) nwarrb vphb.03d (3a426d3f) vphb.04a (51c4bb2f) vphb.05c (ac44d997) vphb.06a (5072a5fe) vphb.07 (9b355192) vphb.08 (42220f84) vphb.09 (029e015d) vphb.10 (37b3ce37) pnyaa (all roms) 267-p1.bin (400fd762) 267-c1.bin (87a833d8) 267-c2.bin (ff7428dd) 267-m1d.bin (31a88936) 267-m1.bin (c7853ccd) 267-v1.bin (21fbddb1) pnyaan 267-c1d.bin (2bd02a33) 267-c2d.bin (8fb27b0b) 267-p1.bin (400fd762) 267-v1.bin (21fbddb1) poknight pkn-p1.bin (750421ee) pkn-s1.bin (a26d2f09) pkn-c1.bin (5fb2b761) pkn-c2.bin (f2b570e3) preisl2d 255-c1d.bin (50fd785e) 255-c2d.bin (ab913f1e) 255-c3d.bin (bc0ee75c) 255-c4d.bin (29908823) 255-c5d.bin (83c56bca) 255-c6d.bin (59e0e805) ) pulstar 089-c1.bin (f4e97332) 089-c2.bin (836d14da) 089-c3.bin (913611c4) 089-c4.bin (44cef0e3) 089-c5.bin (89baa1d7) 089-c6.bin (b2594d56) ragnagrd 218-c1.bin (c31500a4) 218-c2.bin (98aba1f9) 218-c3.bin (833c163a) 218-c4.bin (c1a30f69) 218-c5.bin (6b6de0ff) 218-c6.bin (94beefcf) 218-c7.bin (de6f9b28) 218-c8.bin (d9b311f6) rbffspec 223-p2.bin (addd8f08) 223-c1.bin (ebab05e2) 223-c2.bin (641868c3) 223-c3.bin (ca00191f) 223-c4.bin (1f23d860) 223-c5.bin (321e362c) 223-c6.bin (d8fcef90) 223-c7.bin (bc80dd2d) 223-c8.bin (5ad62102) roboarma 032-p1h.bin (27c773cb) 032-m1h.bin (35ec952d) roboarmy 032-c1.bin (97984c6c) 032-c2.bin (65773122) 032-v1.bin (63791533) 032-v2.bin (eb95de70) rotd (all roms) 264-p1.bin (b8cc969d) 264-c1.bin (4f148fee) 264-c2.bin (7cf5ff72) 264-c3.bin (64d84c98) 264-c4.bin (2f394a95) 264-c5.bin (6b99b978) 264-c6.bin (847d5c7d) 264-c7.bin (231d681e) 264-c8.bin (c5edb5c4) 264-m1d.bin (e5f42e7d) 264-v1.bin (fa005812) 264-v2.bin (c3dc8bf0) rotdn (all roms) 264-c1d.bin (ec9d18c0) 264-c2d.bin (b1069066) 264-c3d.bin (7e636d49) 264-c4d.bin (76892fda) 264-c5d.bin (469061bc) 264-c6d.bin (2200220a) 264-c7d.bin (edda4baf) 264-c8d.bin (82b1ba22) 264-v1d.bin (5c77a3fe) 264-v2d.bin (a9b7af14) 264-v3d.bin (17aff92a) 264-v4d.bin (bc6a091e) 264-p1.bin (b8cc969d) 264-m1d.bin (e5f42e7d) s1945pn 254-c1d.bin (7b6902f9) 254-c2d.bin (51bd4252) 254-c3d.bin (a38993e4) 254-c4d.bin (d5696530) 254-c5d.bin (28764bd6) 254-c6d.bin (9931bdf1) 254-c7d.bin (6e12afcd) 254-c8d.bin (178d4684) samsh5nd 270-p1.bin (4a2a09e6) samsho3 087-c1.bin (07a233bc) 087-c2.bin (7a413592) 087-c3.bin (8b793796) 087-c4.bin (728fbf11) 087-c5.bin (172ab180) 087-c6.bin (002ff8f3) 087-c7.bin (ae450e3d) 087-c8.bin (a9e82717) samsho3a 087-ep1.bin (23e09bb8) 087-ep2.bin (256f5302) 087-ep3.bin (bf2db5dd) 087-ep4.bin (53e60c58) 087-p5.bin (e86ca4af) 087-c1.bin (07a233bc) 087-c2.bin (7a413592) 087-c3.bin (8b793796) 087-c4.bin (728fbf11) 087-c5.bin (172ab180) 087-c6.bin (002ff8f3) 087-c7.bin (ae450e3d) 087-c8.bin (a9e82717) samsho4 222-p2.bin (b023cd8b) 222-c1.bin (68f2ed95) 222-c2.bin (a6e9aff0) 222-c3.bin (c91b40f4) 222-c4.bin (359510a4) 222-c5.bin (9cfbb22d) 222-c6.bin (685efc32) 222-c7.bin (d0f86f0d) 222-c8.bin (adfc50e3) samsho5 270-p1.bin (4a2a09e6) 270-p2.bin (e0c74c85) samsho5b ss5_p1.rom (611a6687) sengoku2 040-p1.bin (6dde02c2) 040-c1.bin (faa8ea99) 040-c2.bin (87d0ec65) 040-c3.bin (24b5ba80) 040-c4.bin (1c9e9930) 040-m1.bin (d4de4bca) 040-v1.bin (71cb4b5d) sf2 sf2e.37g (fb92cd74) sf2e.38g (5e22db70) sf2e.28g (8bf9f1e5) sf2e.35g (626ef934) sf2turyu u222-f83.040 (158635ca) u196-99d.040 (882cd1c4) u221-59e.010 (1073b7b6) u195-472.010 (db7e1f72) sf2turyu1 tl4m1 (afc7bd18) tl4m2 (882cd1c4) 221.rom (d1707134) 195.rom (cd1d5666) sfar1 sfzex.03c (818f6bde) sfz2aa szaax.03 (a75f58bf) szaax.04 (d02351ab) sfz2ab szab.03 (cb436eca) szab.04 (14534bea) szab.05 (7fb10658) shocktra 238-p2.bin (5b4a09c5) 238-c1.bin (90c6a181) 238-c2.bin (888720f0) 238-c3.bin (2c393aa3) 238-c4.bin (b9e909eb) 238-c5.bin (c22c68eb) 238-c6.bin (119323cd) 238-c7.bin (a72ce7ed) 238-c8.bin (1c7c2efb) shocktro 238-p2.bin (5b4a09c5) 238-c1.bin (90c6a181) 238-c2.bin (888720f0) 238-c3.bin (2c393aa3) 238-c4.bin (b9e909eb) 238-c5.bin (c22c68eb) 238-c6.bin (119323cd) 238-c7.bin (a72ce7ed) 238-c8.bin (1c7c2efb) snowbroa sbros-1.41 (16f06b3a) snowbrob sbros-1.41 (16f06b3a) snowbroj sbros-1.41 (16f06b3a) snowbros sbros-1.41 (16f06b3a) sonicwi3 097-c1.bin (33d0d589) 097-c2.bin (186f8b43) ssf2 ssfex.03 (29690c24) ssfex.04 (d001e53a) ssfex.05 (a45602e4) ssfex.06 (ae3c8a14) ssfex.07 (f88f584e) ssfe.03 (a597745d) ssfe.04 (b082aa67) ssfe.05 (02b9c137) ssfe.06 (70d470c5) ssfe.07 (2409001d) ssf2tu sfxu.03e (d6ff689e) sfxu.06b (83f9382b) sfxu.07a (6ab673e8) ssideki4 215-c1.bin (8ff444f5) 215-c2.bin (5b155037) 215-c3.bin (456a073a) 215-c4.bin (43c182e1) 215-v1.bin (877d1409) sstriker ra_ma_01.01 (92259f84) ra_ma_01.05 (88b58841) strider strider.09 (2ed403bc) striderj strider.09 (2ed403bc) stridrja strider.09 (2ed403bc) stridrua strid.30 (66aec273) strid.35 (50e0e865) strid.31 (eae93bd1) strid.36 (b904a31d) svcbl 269-p1bl.bin (93855c0b) 269-s1bl.bin (3334ac31) svcplus 269-p1p.bin (cf4f2251) tigerh a47_14.mcu (00000000) tophunta 046-pg1.bin (771e39bc) 046-p2.sp2 (f182cb3e) tophuntr 046-p2.sp2 (f182cb3e) turfmast 200-c1.bin (8e7bf41a) 200-c2.bin (5a65a8ce) twinspri 224-c1.bin (f7da64ab) 224-c2.bin (4c09bbfb) tws96 086-c1.bin (2611bc2a) 086-c2.bin (6b0d6827) vhunt2 vh2j.03a (9ae8f186) vh2j.04a (e2fabf53) wakuwak7 225-c1.bin (ee4fea54) 225-c2.bin (0c549e2d) 225-c3.bin (af0897c0) 225-c4.bin (4c66527a) 225-c5.bin (8ecea2b5) 225-c6.bin (0eb11a6d) wc90t wc90a-1.bin (b6f51a68) wc90a-2.bin (c50f2a98) wc90a-3.bin (8c7a9542) whp 090-c1.bin (cd30ed9b) 090-c2.bin (10eed5ee) willow willow-u.35 (7a791e77) wjammers 065-p1.bin (6692c140) 065-v4.bin (5dee7963) xmcotaa xmnax.03a (978a0de4) xmnax.04a (07cb0839) xmna.03a (7df8b27e) xmna.04a (b44e30a7) xmvsfb xvsb.03h (05baccca) xvsb.04h (e350c755) xmvsfjr1 xvsj.03d (beb81de9) xvsj.04d (23d11271) xmvsfu xvsu.03k (8739ef61) xvsu.04k (e11d35c1) zintrckb (all roms) zin_p1.rom (06c8fca7) zin_s1.rom (07948446) zin_c1.rom (76aee189) zin_c2.rom (844ed4b3) zin_m1.rom (fd9627ca) zin_v1.rom (c09f74f1) uni-bios.rom (00000000) zintrkcd (all roms) 211c-p1.bin (9a0bfe0a) 211c-s1.bin (56d16afa) 211c-c1.bin (76aee189) 211c-c2.bin (844ed4b3) 211c-m1.bin (fcae1407) 211c-v1.bin (781439da) uni-bios.rom (00000000)
  9. hey prican, using your compile of fbaxxx, my svc, samsho5,3 and metal slugs 4,5 do not work... along with a few others... i checked them with the dat files that were available on the last fbaxxx build and they checked ok. they show up on the neogeo menu but im getting crc errors and missing p roms or something... is there a posting or torrent somewhere of a complete set that will work with this latest fbaxxx or at least of the neogeo roms? or maybe some info on how to rebuild these roms, the error messages go off the screen so i dont know exactly what im missing or what is wrong...
  10. looks nice, are you using MS controllers for the controls?
  11. ya i had the special xbe already, is this for the latest release?
  12. FBA-xxx 25.04.2004 was released today, was there a xbe with support for banned roms as well?
  13. this version of fbaxxx works fine, but the roms i was using for the hacked versions of kawax and fba dont show up, is it the rom names or cause the p roms were replaced? a little help would be appreciated. I dont really know how to go about fixing these roms if its more than just the filename. thanks.
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