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  1. Hey go to http://www.freewebs.com/dragonsemu/index.htm not www.dragonsemu.tk the.tk one is not working Ohh and i im almost done my site i finished the homepage.
  2. Here are the Yu-Gi-Oh roms: .Links removed. read board rules-
  3. Heres the link http://www.game711.com/gba/english/show.php?id=825
  4. Sorry i restarted my web site it wasntn working right ill tell you guys when its almost done or done.
  5. Wich ones thair is 3,one is goku on top saying dragons emulation,two is the picture with pokemon ruby's cover and the other one is pokemon sapphire's cover.
  6. Hey Someboddy Here you can find Tonic Trouble US rom here's the site http://www.totalroms.net/cgi-bin/dl/files/n64.cgi
  7. Sorry I didnt answer back.I deleted the www.freewebs.com/drgeneration/ and i made one with every thing better heres the adrress www.dragonsemu.tk tell me things to add or delete in my web site thanks .
  8. does anybody know how to make a adress to tk?
  9. I fixed the psx isos and im fixing the gba roms and adding allot more without the pictures.
  10. wich ones?All or some is it the ones that are c: something ill change them and if its all the links all fix every link.
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