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  1. I like to see how its translated over without the orignal team. Imo Ninja Gaiden Black is still the best ver overall. offtopic I hear Draknesses is getting his own show aired on the 20th, lets see how funny it can be without Chappelle.
  2. Looks aint everything I remember 99 being graphically superior to 98 but sucked donkey balls. So Inky if the graphics caught your interests what about Guilty Gear series or BlazBlue?
  3. As some of you are aware now XCM have broght a converter to use ps3 and xbox1 pads http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?showtopic=679581 The good the ability to use Ps3 and xbox1 with full support and rapid fire extra The bad must be used in conjunction with wired xbox360 pad The ugly the design colour and logo
  4. edit (@ Cinder but looking at the date of your post you know this already)Didn't Wizard quote somewhere in this thread that July will be the PC release plus the patch the consoles are getting.
  5. I know I still read it but the author of FMA did want the anime to be the same as the manga. So they just used creative license which didn't turn out too bad considering how most miss the mark.
  6. Diso how are they gonna release a 2nd Full Metal Alchemist they ended the 1st? Though I'm interested how they are gonna do Sengoku Basara
  7. To to those that bought arcade sticks on 360 its possible to use old xboxpad or anyother that can connect midway on the arcade stick wire.
  8. watched IOUSA doc not film interesting watch Role Model it was usual "message" type film
  9. I know I sound like a broken record but I would love to see DC emulated on xbox, with nulldc being pushed on to a psp xbox is surely a more viable option.
  10. Its suppose to that if you have hdd problem or can't get to boot your dash you can get ftp acces via disk and fix problems. The only way you may get to modify this is by having a modchip but I don't know to much on this try xbox-scene
  11. Is this about all vers gg? If so I hope you comparing arcades and not bad ports as imo it has some of the better animations of fighting games.
  12. While at snes emu board a guy called CoCo posted some news about this google x-cult for more info or pm.
  13. I've been looking through the settings but couldn't find the pause combination. Can someone point in the right direction I put advance setting on as well but just for remap this game settings.
  14. Not all xboxes can read plus use - or booktype to rom. Yeah you can remove it from apps. I normally keep 2 builds one stable to how I like (dash) and newbuilds to fix plugin issues (apps)
  15. Re: beta6 on 1.6 xcalibur xbox 4:3 Pal tv 60hz compatible I'm using roms from Rastanx release of BPs CoinOps Gold and trying to play beatemups. Night warriors (dark stalkers 2) and mavel vs street fighter getting a little slow down in mvsh and and total slowdown in nw (turbo & normal) especially on the wolf stage its unplayable. Snk vs Capcom Chaos jerky at random times Last blade 2 works fine. Will test others but can someone verify the problem games I've had so I know its not me. Forgot to mention there is weid bug probably the rom but I would like someone else to try as well. Nightwarriors game if yu pick the wolf and fight the samaurai first, player one colour changes in round1 and in round2 both characters are the vampire demitri!
  16. I would like to see comparisons of tweaked servers to run like workstations 2k3/8 to 7. As xp its not that great at 64bit even when using vista drivers
  17. Give it time, probably he will start posting again. I'm not much of poster my self and been lurking here before I joined started posting.
  18. Thanks for the headsup, have you tried the games your self yet?
  19. I've heard vista basic is more responsive on older hardware and faster than the other ver. Fair enough its cut down ver but if surfing, ms office and mail are your only requirements then its viable option.
  20. Just wait for a tweaked ver just like last xp / tiny xp, or try 2003/8 or even 64bit XP(vista drivers seem to work from internet postings same for 2k8).
  21. George Perez/Joe Madeira and kuberts bros for wolverine.
  22. Last Man Standing 1996, nice shooter film though a little ott at times. Taken 2008 Like Gavin said its standard plot remind little bit of ransom, seeing the movie posters Liam in leather jacket and gun he seems more max payne to me than Walberg
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