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  1. ya i have a copy of this game for the xbox.. pretty fun game
  2. so does that mean someone else out there has the source code for R4 build, R5 build and R6 build and ain't sharing it?
  3. Moooooooooooo! Thanks for all your hard work my friend!! one thing is for sure Kenshiro, 20 years from now you might not remember me or the others here on the forums but we all will remember are friends.. Kenshiro, iq_132 and the rest that made FBA-XXX possible for the xbox!! Thanks to all. peace,
  4. Thanks Fu. They represent how I like to organize myself and how clear I like to see things. For Mame128 I just wanted to honor BP's skinning. same here, nice and clean for sure
  5. ya it seems like real life things outside of the internet caught up with nes6502, haven't seen a post from him about his project in some time now.
  6. That's not CoinOPs lol, the name will be 1.29. how about.. Mooooooo_1.29
  7. i got hit back in the day with one of them letters from my isp, i was using a public site and it was an xbox game nothing ever came of it and i still have the same isp and didn't stop using torrents, just moved to a private site. and from there to even deeper and darker place for are dirty deeds done dirt cheap.
  8. God... you're dead lmao The real question is: "what would you be more pissed about?" Living with you in your backwoods in middle of nowhere Mooooooooooo! I live on a lake! I can go swimming, fishing, boating, or drowning whenever I want! She'd love it here! Plus, I imagine she'd look amazing in a topless/bottomless bikini.
  9. Poor bastard, living near Detroit. lol I'm in the Jackson area. not to bad bro, i'm about 35 miles from Detoilet and your about 78 miles, so i would say were both to damn close. ahh jackson, as in jackson prison, my dad was buried at cherry hill, he was one of the 4, really don't want to say his name. you might find this a good read. http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/...,866030,00.html
  10. oh hell no.. i want in on some of this action.... 11298 hartford rd washington Twp. MI, 48094 ALways knew my balls were bigger edit: who wants some!
  11. gamecop already pm me back telling me he don't delete anyone's account from this site or i wouldn't have posted like i have to him its not like he hasn't already told me.. he has and it's bull$hit
  12. I do agree with you Gavin, as a Staff BP should delete it. BP is not staff here.. thats just a group thing like Group: Premium Members.. laughable at best the problem here is staff are not doing there job and looking over the forums because if they were this thread would have been delete long ago.. hell i can't even get gamecop to delete my account... yo gamecop who the f**k do you think you are to keep my account on this site when i want my account delete you don't f**king own me motherf**Ker lets see if that wakes someone up around here to do there f**king job.. if you ban me and don't delete my account i will be right back on this site to raise hell and if that means going to you hosting company every f**king day until they get sick of me and send you crap.. so be it.. as i have already ask you nicely to delete my account in a pm to you. you will not hold my account hostage motherf**ker
  13. know problems here, i should have listen to gamecop when he told me it would just be a waste of my time starting up a site -peace out guys i tried to to give something back by taking the world from watching what we all talk about when it comes to this .xbe stuff. not that it matters to anyone but i will be asking gamecop to purge my account i just hope someone out there gives two $hit for the time i spent releasing two full builds of coinops.
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