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  1. re 4) I don't know why with so much advertisments in the comic already @ Rubicroft hated the xmen evo animation a step back imo to 90 series. Though the consistency was there unlike 90s ver towards the end
  2. Thanks for the heads up Robert, I not one for phone gaming but its a good effort
  3. Well Sony have to show by example when they get round to doing GOW3. For me PS3 is possibility when XBMC linux is more mature wouldn't mind dabbling with XBMC Linux on PS3.
  4. Check the usual places e.g xbins
  5. Thanks for efforts BP and testers Thanks for the headsup Hellsfury
  6. Nice pics Rubio I'm bit biased being an Xmen fan, btw (nice pic of Psylocke) in e form streetfighter as physical copy Seiya and Xmen. I like the old school way of comics and the Kubert bros, Matsuda, Maderia and Perez come to mind. With animation I apprecieate Akira and Jungle Book more than Toy Story and Final Fantasy cgi.
  7. Hey Shiba when you remod it create a rescue disc with apps you need. Also use qwiz with avalanch (don't have to but seems to wok fastest with) to make isos of games ripped to xbox hdd. If you are using plus on a samsung drive booktype to dvdrom.
  8. Robert what about spirits? Darken thats good point, never thought it socially just on personal level. I drink on occassions Weddings,Funerals Holidays and Birthdays but cut down on Bdays as there quite alot during the year. I don't drink to get smashed though.
  9. Better yet uninstall codecs and use VLC or Kmplayer both run most vid types without relying on external codec packs.
  10. Sony ARcoSS to blame again its a joke, drm only affects mostly those who support you most Sony.
  11. So true have been saying this before: Me1 came after 2k and Me2 came after 2k3. MS experiment continues they already said during Vista lanch here is another OS in the wings so it will fufill Me hoax and get superceded by the the new OS like XP did Me. To upgraders try win2k3 or mac/linux
  12. Tossup between Snes/PS1 and DC/PS2 K'Dash Gameboy is good but its not console, gba is the best ver imo.
  13. Thats crazy, just hoped he had his children.
  14. Played Ps2 ver plays okay, not a expert to test infinity combos present but comp can do 90% combos on hard and mania levels. Wished they more characters after awhile 8 can be used only so much. Still nice to have Hokuto no ken game done right.
  15. Saw this at Slyck, drm strikes again but on a drocanian scale http://www.eff.org/IP/DVB/dvb_briefing_paper.php EFF went to DVB meeting and new proposals are elaborate television DRM scheme called Content Protection and Copy Management (CPCM). Its unparalleled restrictions include: * Enforcing severe home recording and copying limitations. CPCM will allow content providers to apply copy restriction labels to broadcast streams. For example, a program could be marked as "Copy Never." In turn, your DVRs and others devices receiving the signal will have to obey and forbid copying even for home use. A content provider could opt to allow recording but still enforce a multitude of restrictions on copying to other devices. * Imposing controls on where you watch a program. Even if you are given permission to move a program to your laptop or other portable devices, "geography controls" may kick in and stop playback once you leave home or a particular locale. These restrictions may be enforced using tamper-proof GPS receivers built in to your devices. CPCM can also be used to block sending video to yourself over your own home network or the Internet, among other things. * Dictating how you get to share shows with your own family. CPCM can be used to examine, for instance, the frequency with which devices are connected to a personal network and determine whether your sharing is within an "Authorized Domain" Absurdly, DVB spent significant time arguing over what happens to a digital video in case of a divorce! * Breaking compatibility with your devices. You may have already invested in new high definition displays and receivers that rely on component analog connections or unrestricted digital outputs, but CPCM will allow the studios to arbitrarily block these connections. In other words, individual copyright holders can turn your gadgets into oversized paperweights. CPCM- restricted media will also be able to carry blacklists and revoke compatibility with particular devices that don't enforce Hollywood's restrictions sufficiently. Implications None of these restrictions need to be revealed in advance--you won't even know ahead of time whether and how you will be able to record and make use of particular programs or devices. The restrictions can be changed at the whim of the rights holder. It may be that today you can record your favorite program and transfer it to DVDs for long-term storage. But next week, you could be prevented from recording or archiving to DVD. Hollywood bills the intent of CPCM as "protect[ing]" and "enab[ling] business models," but, more precisely, they want to be able to curtail personal uses of television content that may disrupt their current business models. They also want to make you pay again and again to make legitimate uses of lawfully-acquired digital television content. For example, you've already paid for your cable subscription, but instead of being able to "time-shift" your favorite show to watch it later on the device of your choice, content providers want the power to force you to buy that show again on DVD or through another delivery mechanism.
  16. Bump There were some infintti glitches hopefully this is ironed out of the ps2 ver all this atmoisware games makes me wish the DC were still around.
  17. Maybe they won't need to as fedora linux has been used on pS3 as pc. Maybe the new scene will develop emu on linux fedora and play them with remote option via psp. Wishinful thinking sure but not totally beyond imaginantion.
  18. Nostalgia, filling the void of lackluster games and library of games if N don't have enough to compete with rivals. If you are new to emulation and if they emulate better than homebrew, it might be good to play the games probperly you couldn't. As for next gen it can be in gamplay and innovation only graphically its on par or above xbox. But games has been about gameplay where N excels but need the icing of graphics on the cake of game play
  19. I heard about this at Slyck its disgusting the same here in the UK regarding fair use copies as it stands its illegal to do so but no one yet enfoces this when used for private use. What Vexes me most is they are out to get the consumer, what about the companies that make mp3 player like ipods, dvdrw burners etc they make device and its legally sold yet to use it you're breaking the law. So where are the lawsuits for manufacturers whats good for the goose is good for the gander. I would like to see MS, Apple, Sony etc face charges for supply goods that break copyright infringements. We won't see that because their business make money = tax, so whatever is good the government and friends goes twofaced or what.
  20. My bad just signed upgain I tried before so i just assumed it was locked. I hope a4e is doing the subs as he did the other 2 ovas.
  21. Well he is damned if does or doesn't apologise, as stuff like this happens to stick like mud.
  22. I heard games could be 10$ but imo should be 5$ max and under. check out http://uk.gamespot.com/news/6160819.html?q...sole%20%20games starting prices according to link "The company also reiterated the starting price points for the games, noting that NES games start at 500 Wii Points ($5), TurboGrafx-16 games at 600 Wii Points ($6), Super NES and Sega Genesis games at 800 Wii Points ($, and Nintendo 64 games at 1,000 Wii Points ($10). Wii Points will be available online or at retail in packs of 2,000 with a suggested price of $20"
  23. Sega make decent lasers unlike Sony from my exp, but for mine i use phillips, infiniti and verbatim. Just watch out for poorly dummy packed games there is where the damage is done you can hear it. Also games like JSR and MOTW are bit disk intensive compared to other games.
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