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  1. This will help fill in some of the gaps http://torrentfreak.com/the-pirate-bay-taken-offline-by-swedish-authorities-090824/ Sorry didn't see your link you posted is the same
  2. BP regarding the homebrew will it be as good as xbox1 wiith out a hacked sdk. I know of alleged rumors of leaked 360 sdk, but if they go different route using opensdk it will be awhile imo.
  3. The slim is step in the right reduction in terms of cutting costs and finally giving a price cut to customers. off topic re: xbox360 Well it all depends where you live, Everybody gets screwed with Elite no HD cables being sold with the elite (not even component or vga) just SD composite. US get reduction on arcade models while UK gamers get a price increase
  4. Like everybody has said take it easy for awhile check out upload sites http/ nntp.
  5. Playing jojo on pcsx Still getting owned in game of a baseball by gamblers brother.
  6. Like Cba.Gy said it depends on your region but for most being in the US you get the majority of plugins. CBS, PBS, NBC universal, Hulu (iirc they may be problems since the boxe incident). Non regional are Revision, Ren and Stimpy, G4tv, TvShack, TvBlinx, TvDash, Game Trailers/Gamespot, Fastpass Tv, Navi-X, Apple trailers, vimeo, Watchxonline, Video monkey/devil plus a whole bunch more anime and others. The catch to these plugins they break when there is any website/content changes so they have to be constantly updated.
  7. I can't wait for marvel mods to get their hands on this but it will be awhile but any new mods come out. I'll probably get the pc ver this time since the old xbox is dead wood. It was fun using ironfist, gambit, angel, hulk and collossus with the mods.
  8. AkihiroZi what about MUA 2 thats got a few new posts, also any new/more stories about the pusherman. Manga wise Bleach and Naruto are good FMA seems stagnate. Anime versions are blah/filler at the moment but FMA is catchingup pretty good to where the original series diverted from the manga storyline.
  9. Iceman go to xbmc forums and get the nightly builds as they are way ahead of t3ch builds and work with the latest skin/plugin mediastream redux and justin.tv. There some builds that have mida flags for xbox. Only catch is to save space nightly builds don't have the codecs, so you need to go system, players and copy dvdplayer, mplayer and paplayer. Inky if its just for emulation you don't need a new build. AID is good but easily gets outdated google t3ch or get nightly builds.
  10. Thanks for your endeavours in this project and all the best with whatever you do next kenshiro.
  11. Like Wizard was saying gambit, angel, hulk, ironfist, war machine, colossus were added to xbox and some to ps2 not all characters can be in one game due to lack of slots. Check marvelmods especially if you have the pc version lots of character mods.
  12. Thanks for the headsup Robert will look into this as a friend had asked me about getting the wii modded.
  13. my favourite is black jack and no I do not mean 21. Its more like uno but with extras and you can use ordinary playing cards.
  14. Lets wait and see could head any audio from the game from the clip also I wanna see how it handles two players onscreen and see the screen throw.
  15. Star Trek pretty good but then I'm not trekkie to see plot holes and sylar played spock well too.
  16. Ghostbusters game not appealing to you or virtual tennis 2k9 or blazblu?
  17. I liked vanessa too but ever since her debut her bob & weave is crap but she had some good cancels
  18. I loved blades of steel hockey game use to play it forever with mates plus double dragon.
  19. International booty call lol, but seriously I don't get it was it a one sided delusion of the one + mariage material or just a holiday with benefits
  20. Inky unless your looking to mess about with firmware like ddrt and compatible routers/modems the answer is yes but exspensive in time and money (the orignal wireless for xbox and compatibles cost a bomb on ebay). For dash XBMC would be best for you and its all about video plugins look out for g4tv, revision,nbc universal, cbs, hulu and iplayer. For skins try pm3hd and focus if you have memory problemss with mediastream (only when running in HD upscale with component) The only other option to try for wireless is the laptop bridge trick people use for 360 or try ICS from laptop by cable.
  21. Watched the 1st ep of FMA 2 seemed okay have to get used to sub as I first watch it as eng dub. Music doesn't hit the mark like the 1st one but I'll give it more time before I pass judgement. Thanks for the headsup Wizard
  22. Kyokugenkiss What happened to Terrence Howard did he turn down the role?
  23. God pigeon I meant content the extra sword and racheal didn't do much for me as I prefer the mission mode(still trying to get to eternal legend). There were improvements in PS3/360 camera angles better but not great also arrow shooting is easier and better walk/run over water is easier.
  24. Is it worth it? more cons then pros if any just wear a pushup/wonderbra
  25. guilty gear isn't my thing. too busy I guess. I'm not big on weapons based fighters in general. my main turn off with GG and blazeblu (and past KOFs too) is the heavy anime influence. I have a severe reaction to anime. Of course I will try Blazeblu and KoFXII and I hope they are good. any new 2d fighters is always a good thing. True they are dying breed just hope there still niche for them so they don't die out.
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