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  1. Hello Noobsaibot21 Sorry I don't have any 720p mod on my side. Why wouldn't you try the game on XBox 360 ? The euro version runs in 720p on a euro console, with the loss of a few frames per second from time to time.
  2. Hi nonosto. Adding a new option like a time trial or any complex thing (like the long marathon) is not possible by simply hex-editing a .xbe file. (I only replaced the rivals' names letters by empty spaces as the names clearly appeared in my "hex-edit" software, so what I did can't be considered as a hack). Yes, I tried to apply the 720p hack some time ago but got no success... According to me, the Outrun 2 game(s) would suffer from a lot of slowdowns in 720p. ... (It makes me remember that I edited many widescreen hacks but never took the time to share...). For Chihiro I won't be of any
  3. I'm glad you appreciated it Garcimak! It seems that many other Outrun 2 players also enjoyed this download. The later missions were a pain for me too.
  4. As it's impossible to find cheats or saves for the japanese version. Here is the ultimate link including: - Save files with all the bonuses unlocked for US/Euro and Japanese* versions. - Two edited XBEs with the rivals'names removed (one for the Jap version, one for the Euro or US version), for an improved arcade feeling on Scud Race & Daytona 2 tracks & any other rival race. - The Readme file http://www.mediafire.com/download/tmni68niw4qkd2i/OUTR2XB.zip *Thanks a lot to Noobsaibot21 who has finished this for me (in only a couple of days) and gives permission to share. See him
  5. As nobody talked about this cool rom, this is "Fix It Felix Jr": the arcade game starring Ralph from Disney's "Wreck-it Ralph", ported to Genesis by Airwalk Studios, playing fine with Neogenesis on XBox Download link here
  6. Thanks for the answer IQ_132. So I'll continue to play with them on my PC .
  7. Thanks for your explanation +T+. So what about a speed hack, lord IQ_132 ? (edit, 'cause I wrote a bad english)
  8. OK , i thought the slowdowns could be due to a saturated ram, because I can't remember where but a guy said there was no more slowdowns on his 128Mb Xbox (not a 1.4GHz processor but a normal one).
  9. Do you thinks vmm routines could be added to the psichyo driver, as IQ_132 is a specialist ? I'm thinking about games like Dragon Blaze (some big slowdowns), Strikers 1945 II & III (big slowdowns+sometimes can't reach the end of the game), I haven't placed them in my rom list because of those slowdowns & problems. Maybe vmm routines are already in, and it's only the xbox that can't play them perfectly ?
  10. No, I was under my wife (oops sorry darling)
  11. Thanks a lot Destronger, +T+ & IQ-132. Really happy to play DDP2 & DemonFront in almost perfect conditions on my old Box.
  12. Thanks a lot for asking me this Alpha, but my actual activities won't allow me to be involved/regular. I'm not using my XBox often anymore (...but if IQ & FBL...). I still come to this forum because I like it a lot. I had a great time here a few years back with Fumanchu, Hellsfury & BritneysPairs (yes, he can be a very nice guy) & a lot of other members. So I was just suggesting as asked in the title of the thread. Sorry Alpha. I'm sure somebody else will like do it !
  13. Config files could be a good idea too, with different possibilities: 720p users, 480p & 480i/Pal users, 16:9, 4:3 users... as we all spent a lot of time trying to get the best results in emulation depending on games & our TV (I think about pcsxbox, surreal64, winuaex: difficult for the newcomers). Edit I mean solid & validated files, not 500 non trustable files per game like we could find on XPort's site in the past.
  14. stf

    What is CoinOPS?

    You should credit a guy called +T+ for some other additions in Final Burn Legends , and of course Kenshiro.
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