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  1. Hello Noobsaibot21 Sorry I don't have any 720p mod on my side. Why wouldn't you try the game on XBox 360 ? The euro version runs in 720p on a euro console, with the loss of a few frames per second from time to time.
  2. Hi nonosto. Adding a new option like a time trial or any complex thing (like the long marathon) is not possible by simply hex-editing a .xbe file. (I only replaced the rivals' names letters by empty spaces as the names clearly appeared in my "hex-edit" software, so what I did can't be considered as a hack). Yes, I tried to apply the 720p hack some time ago but got no success... According to me, the Outrun 2 game(s) would suffer from a lot of slowdowns in 720p. ... (It makes me remember that I edited many widescreen hacks but never took the time to share...). For Chihiro I won't be of any help (again) as possessing a 128mb XBox is still a dream for me... Sorry... NB: No worries about your english. I'm french myself and can easily read my compatriots' english. Mine is far from perfect
  3. I'm glad you appreciated it Garcimak! It seems that many other Outrun 2 players also enjoyed this download. The later missions were a pain for me too.
  4. As it's impossible to find cheats or saves for the japanese version. Here is the ultimate link including: - Save files with all the bonuses unlocked for US/Euro and Japanese* versions. - Two edited XBEs with the rivals'names removed (one for the Jap version, one for the Euro or US version), for an improved arcade feeling on Scud Race & Daytona 2 tracks & any other rival race. - The Readme file http://www.mediafire.com/download/tmni68niw4qkd2i/OUTR2XB.zip *Thanks a lot to Noobsaibot21 who has finished this for me (in only a couple of days) and gives permission to share. See him in action on his Youtube Channel (link in the Readme file)
  5. As nobody talked about this cool rom, this is "Fix It Felix Jr": the arcade game starring Ralph from Disney's "Wreck-it Ralph", ported to Genesis by Airwalk Studios, playing fine with Neogenesis on XBox Download link here
  6. Thanks for the answer IQ_132. So I'll continue to play with them on my PC .
  7. Thanks for your explanation +T+. So what about a speed hack, lord IQ_132 ? (edit, 'cause I wrote a bad english)
  8. OK , i thought the slowdowns could be due to a saturated ram, because I can't remember where but a guy said there was no more slowdowns on his 128Mb Xbox (not a 1.4GHz processor but a normal one).
  9. Do you thinks vmm routines could be added to the psichyo driver, as IQ_132 is a specialist ? I'm thinking about games like Dragon Blaze (some big slowdowns), Strikers 1945 II & III (big slowdowns+sometimes can't reach the end of the game), I haven't placed them in my rom list because of those slowdowns & problems. Maybe vmm routines are already in, and it's only the xbox that can't play them perfectly ?
  10. No, I was under my wife (oops sorry darling)
  11. Thanks a lot Destronger, +T+ & IQ-132. Really happy to play DDP2 & DemonFront in almost perfect conditions on my old Box.
  12. Thanks a lot for asking me this Alpha, but my actual activities won't allow me to be involved/regular. I'm not using my XBox often anymore (...but if IQ & FBL...). I still come to this forum because I like it a lot. I had a great time here a few years back with Fumanchu, Hellsfury & BritneysPairs (yes, he can be a very nice guy) & a lot of other members. So I was just suggesting as asked in the title of the thread. Sorry Alpha. I'm sure somebody else will like do it !
  13. Config files could be a good idea too, with different possibilities: 720p users, 480p & 480i/Pal users, 16:9, 4:3 users... as we all spent a lot of time trying to get the best results in emulation depending on games & our TV (I think about pcsxbox, surreal64, winuaex: difficult for the newcomers). Edit I mean solid & validated files, not 500 non trustable files per game like we could find on XPort's site in the past.
  14. stf

    What is CoinOPS?

    You should credit a guy called +T+ for some other additions in Final Burn Legends , and of course Kenshiro.
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