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  1. didnt they change the 1991 vesion to "adventures of batman and robin"? i think that was when it went down hill
  2. if you chop enough logs you can lvl up and chop different a kind of tree. isn't that worth playing for 60 hours alone?
  3. i am looking for a job in IT, but still no luck my friends say i should learn asp because they use it all the time i only know java porgramming and sql but at least i am not a to!!or like that guy
  4. i have always moved towards DC. i love watchman, spectre , helblazer, swamp thing oh, any zombie head should check out the image comic 'walking dead'. brill and everyone should read 'y the last man'
  5. i know, its mikie on the c64 and it was "hard days night" by the beatles hope that helps
  6. i find it very different from the other dc cartoons, (all the mad anime screaming) i think it great they tried to make one that appealed to kids a bit more than the batman ones did
  7. I'm gonna take a wild guess that you failed to read the part that zombies are reanimated dead. None of the Enraged died as humans then reanimated to be berserked. Once the virus got into their bloodstream, they instantly became berserked. NOT A PHUCKING ZOMBIE! nope i didnt, i think you missed my point about not taking the word zombie and technically dissecting it into a pointless argument but if you want to carry on, fine. i meant to say 28 days later is a zombie film as it uses everything every other post Apocalyptic dead zombie film uses but comes up with a different reason for it. anyway man you would be dead straightt away if people turned into flesh eating zombies. you are forgeting the first rule of zombie survival rule book, dont spend all your time Arguing if the thing crewing your neck can run or is dead, just RUN!!
  8. wizball, how would they make that in 3d, i would like to see that
  9. 28 days. its a zombie film. lots of people have no control over their higher brain functions and try to harm the small remaining part of the population. but apart from that we all forgot the greatesr squels ever short circuit 2 weekend at bernines 2 titantic 2
  10. yes. the price is listening to me moan more and more i like the rescuers one cartoon splice its like tylers job in fight club.
  11. 28 days later is a zombie film with a different twist if night of the living dead hadn't been made, 28 days later wouldnt have been made. and lets not even get into the "zombies dont run arguement" Aggghghgh!!!
  12. did you people read anything written in this thread? the gist of it was: 1.midget. hanged. true or not. 2.GryphonKlaw presented some evidence to show it was false 3. people didnt believe it, BUT didnt present any evidence to prove otherwise so what i am trying to say is prove your points!
  13. I just checked, and you're right. God damn now that started to disturb me quite a bit. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> i suppose they could say that when he needs to kick ass he increases the size and density of his body
  14. jayce and the wheeled warriors! dugoens and dragons , everyone forgets those two
  15. Christopher Lambert? he play radien its funny in two when radien fights, his fight double is twice as wide as him
  16. there is another story in remember being told by a policeman that drugs are bad, they made a girl think she was an orange and she tried to peel herself, i thought it was funny, not true though its fun to ask these people where they got the story from, they never have any direct evidence of it happening
  17. But is it a sequel? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> street fighter 2 alpha was a really bad anime, so boring with hardly any fight scenes in it
  18. as someone else said (credit to them) urban legend with evidence
  19. i will say aliens is the king of sequels i think robocop 2 is quite good too X-men 2 Back to the Future II <== does this count? the matrix 2 & 3 are the worst films ever made, and i have seen some crap (collateral damage, godzilla vs king gorgan, daredevil, amilee(got carried away there!))
  20. this site really suprised me, it tells you about all those stories you hear like people eating deep fried rats form kfc and people getting AIDS from being stabed in night clubs, i find it amazing how these stories get all around the world amd most of them arnt true Urban legends
  21. whats this mean? could we do it be getting points for number of rankings eg 3 for first place in a game 2 for second 1 for third then people could abuse the arcades even more in a vain attempt to win an award eg me (not 'ME!')
  22. best forum: neocream best international: emsley best Plasterer: emsley best goonies related quote/sig : emsley closest mod to leeds UK: emsley
  23. i am listening to the ark less than jake alkaline trio as i am allowed to listen to music all day in my job
  24. hitler , so he can stand trial for war crimes, i think he got off too easy hey or lee harvey oswald imagine what his court case would be like!
  25. i hate the fact that people use it as an excuse to celebrate the birth of jesus
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