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  1. i think vietiful joe is trippy, sloooooowwww and then FAST! plus loads of bad guy's flying around
  2. i didn't like it. the plot feels very rushed towards the end, tacked in sex scenes. also the endless QTE were a bit boring!
  3. hey, fast times at ridgemont high porkies short circuit electric dreams now tell me u haven't seen them!
  4. ok this sounds like a plan, i will Smear excrement around you in the shape of a dreamcast logo which you are in the middle of when you pass out from blood loss, that will get us a new sega console.
  5. just wonder if theres a site where you can download voice samples from games or even a web page with the history of video game speech i would love to have the old stars wars coin op or ghostbusters "he slimed me!" samples
  6. sega fishing rod as a sword in soul caliber. Great! oh and playing Marvel vs Capcom 2!
  7. we should start a 1emu guild, if enough people here play it. then we could all get together and cry about the lack of power we have in the real world while hitting other people with big hammers. works for me
  8. i voted but no for labour, oh well i will vote for anyone who will raise taxes for public serivces, we need more tax!
  9. by 3:00 am GMT we will find out if tony blair is still primeminister. if you can get out there and vote! if you dont you are spitting on the graves of the 1000's who fought for the right to vote!
  10. i loved the second one where you answered questions to see what kind of merc would suit you, i got "stealth leader" must dig that out, i was right at the end of game but never finished it
  11. it says there real on the web site, they look to difficult to fake, i like the 1 where superman breaks into the bat cave to reveal batmans hideout to reporters hooray 400 posts !! wooo
  12. wes craven's swamp thing, now thats bad, heather locklear eating an phalic tubar from swamp thing and going on a phsyadelic eroto-trip
  13. seems more of a curse to me, if you cant relate to the rest of the world most austics cant even speak or look after themselves, let alone do this kind of thing
  14. how does it even work? do we all have to be on at the same time? or is it just one go on the game each? im in !
  15. now we can spoil the ends of films! the village ending is ha ha useful
  16. With sparky the space squirel to help fight crime
  17. you can play diablo 2 without a doubt, however jedi knight is a no no. the blizzard site says you can play world of warcraft with a 56K modem but i will believe that when i find someone who has done it.
  18. yes Neomaster, im interested in anything that use it , im thinking ff:CC will be my first buy does pokemon coloesm use the link?or is that the GBA player?
  19. i have searched but failed to find a list of all the gba/GC linked games. can anybody help? also does anyone know any games worth buying for this setup? i already have animal crossing thanks
  20. sorry to awake an old topic, but has this been made yet? when the release date because i can find nothing on it.
  21. yeah i heard this too, they have their HQ under the pentagon, its called the ant farm, and they employ 100's of people to try and catch gamers with illegal ROMs. good job if you can get it.
  22. cddisplay is the best you might need to configure to for double pages thou or use the arrow keys to check for them
  23. just java and sql for me, everything else is just too hard plus i am lazy and dont want to learn any more
  24. i think jamster have shot themselves in the foot with the frog ad. if they show it all the time no one will want it as it won't be special anymore. could you imagine hearing that on a phone? in fact does anyone have it or know anyone with it?
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