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  1. saitek P2500 Rumble, cheap and the buttons are setup like ps2 and it has anlogue and digital
  2. no, its not that if you read my first post i said it looked a bit like, it was properly the "grown up" un "super deformed" version of this chariacter in a fighting game. i just ripped this pic from super gem fighter!!!
  3. here is a picture of what i think, i think it might be vampire sairor or dark stlakers now
  4. it was at the arcade i am not sure if it was by capcom or not, the charcther also had big sleves and i think it threw some paper out
  5. i played this game once when i was 12, i can only remeber this it was a 2d fighter it had one charcter who wore a mask and purlpe clothes (i think) and looked a bit like vega and even had two claws like vega, also looked a bit like lei lei in super puzzle fight anyone know its name?
  6. i think 3d killed them, its difficult to do hand to hand combat in 3d, my fav beat em up would be alien vs predator
  7. scallys i think this is the english verison of wiggers (sort of) or rednecks, well stupid english people
  8. i goning to guess some kind of james bond game on the nes
  9. yeah i may have been drunk but it didnt effect my powers to stay on topic unlike the rest of you! on topic: older games are just easier to pick up, play and then you can go and do ther things feeling you had a good game unlike FF games where instead you have to play milliions of random battles to be strong enough to beat the end boss BORING
  10. yeah but wizbal is good and i played it when i was 8 and i am sure i wasnt drunk then !
  11. the best game EVER is wizball on the c64 but i am drunk! but i love that game!
  12. why do they need to know about hardcore gaming? all they need to do is haved played both ga,mes and decide with they like most. end of story.
  13. what was three ? i didnt know there was a 3!
  14. Those are obviously the lyrics to Nirvana's "Smells like Teen Spirit" correct or "smells like juvanile ghosts" as the translator likes to say i will mess my next one up a bit more
  15. whats the point of studying history? it's all ready happened whats the point of changing out of your bed clothes in the morning ? you only have to put them back on at night why turn the light off in the day? you only have to turn it on again at night whats the point of posting over 3000 times on this forum? it's only going to get deleted anyway
  16. Guess mine "With the lights in direction outside, it is dangerously, now us less, is to him, maintains it here us that I believe that stupidly and contagious we maintain here now to us mulato has Moskito of the Albino to my Yay libido, a denial are"
  17. not really, it was a Rhetorical question. i think any being who creates people and wants worship has problems and if god is Infallible why does the bible change from old testiment "eye for an eye" to new testiment "forgive and love" you can say the bible was not written by god but by man but the bible is suposed to be the word of god Ps i recomend you all listen to talking heads - heaven thats what i reckon heaven would be like PPS i like this thread but i don't think we are using the word "Dude" enuff, we need to dumb it down
  18. anyway to stear this topic back on track (or wreck the flow ) one thing thats always got to me about god, is say, he did exist and created the universe and he is all powerful THEN he asks everyone he made to worship him because he created it (yeah, i know about free will and all that). i find that a bit much. why should we cant you just be happy with what you made god? WHY? WHY?
  19. i was playing american idol on the GBA. i manged to make a pale white guy with a ginger afro the american idol
  20. its £10 in the uk i have to wait till my exams are over i think or it will eat up all my revision time!
  21. well i tried it last night, its just the same game but with other people (Obviously), it would be good to get some people playing
  22. i am about to try D2 online, does anyone else play on battle net? we could get a 1emulation team going
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