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  1. my games (owned) good topic needs some commitment though you have a good set of games AW
  2. what i mean is by being nice to everyone is "do unto others as you would have them do to you" but that doesnt mean u have to become a victim
  3. well i am a athiest and don't believe in any kind of reality after this one i always think death is like before you were born, remeber that? nope thats why u should be nice to everyone because you only have 70-100 years alive
  4. hey i just haven't had time or the a PC powerful enough to play it! another good thread was the old guess the game thread in its heyday we need more quizs again where has DC lover got to anyway?
  5. :0 this topic reminds me of that bit in Monty python film "meaning of life" business meeting man1:"so are reports show that 1. people aren’t wearing enough hats 2. Man is easily distracted from important issues now on to the meaning of the universe and life itself,to maximize happy.." man2: "sorry what was that about hats" man3: "people aren’t wearing enough hats" man4: "so how can we increase hats in the general population?....."
  6. Those were the days. yup we need more threads like this and YOU need to parcipate more again emsley BTW i have just got round to DLing metal slug to see what all the fuss you made was about
  7. my fav was this ultimate question i think it was cow that won
  8. Gryphonclaw! i don't read them! jusrt download them EDIT wow i am crushed, people who make 70 posts a day here are calling me a nerd dont worry i have delted them all now and ill never share secrets with you guys again!!!
  9. member with a life is too strong, ive spent the last 4 months downloading 6GB of comics on a 56K connection!
  10. yeah i have diablo 2 couild we all play that ?
  11. yeah what about people like me, who check the site twice a day, been here over a year, and only post when they have valued info to empart?
  12. is there any free MMORPG we could all get together and play? i have never play one of these and would like to give it ago, want to be a necronamcer!!!
  13. the guy with the emu puppet on my page 2 post the emu used to attack people and he would pretend it wasnt him
  14. hey why not list your bmi instead? this checks your height and weight and gives u a ratio that tells u if u are over, under or at your perfect weight. BMI calc
  15. do u remember the headlines? i think it was the sun that had "LIVED CRAZY DIED CRAZY!" and had a diagram showing the route which he fell down the roof !!
  16. home improvement !! WHY? WHY??? why make it into a game!!?!?
  17. i am trying to get typing fo the dead for my DC gonna end up paying about £10 but i got a keyboard for £1 so i think thats fair
  18. hey it's up to him as well! he can't just say "woah she coming onto me!" it takes two to tango!
  19. Wow, i bet this topic went better than u excpeted, heh forceX?
  20. well i post my new topics in the relvent area, if its about Snes stuff it goes in the Snes part, easy as that, i thought every1 did that
  21. how many games are there for the DC gun? are there many good ones as i want one with house of the dead but i want to play other gun games too, not just one!
  22. we should have a 1emulation mascot, game cops Emu!
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