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  1. its okay i found it - ity was "mikie" and my mistake it was "a hard days night" not "help". awesome
  2. all i can remeber is running around desks in a classroom collecting stuff with "help" by the beatles playing in the classic sounds of the c64. does anyone remember this game. cheers
  3. Believe me when I say this but super ghouls and ghosts on the SNES is a walk in the park even on hard mode compared to it's arcade equivalent. I agree though that the essence of the challenging game has been somewhat lost i the age of polygon pushing. Alot of games are easy to complete but few are hard to master. Case in point, Ikaruga: the game is a walk to complete up to normal level (took me a couple of days of light playing) but to master the game is something else - after a year i can still only get a S rating on level 1! Remember when the it was the age of 8 and 16 bit gaming when you only had a handful of games that your parents bought for birthdays and christmas's and you forced yourself to heights of greatness. Now things are different, games are cheaper, the second hand market has matured and methods of piracy are ripe and I for one are older hence have more money. If I buy a game i don't like is return it or trade. When I was ten i had no such luxury. I think the majority of game developers try not to make games too hard in an effort to not alienate mainstream gamers and ensure their games don't end up in bargian bins.
  4. Don't let me forget Outrun arcade from 1986. A damn hard game to finish.
  5. I'm interested in compiling a collection of games generally regarded as some of the hardest to complete or master. Edge magazine, a publication in the UK ran an article on the subject but i didnt buy the issue. Did anyone else get and if so could they quote the list. Anyway i'm interested in your guys opinions on the matter. Some of the titles mentioned and those from my experience include: last blade/last blade 2 set to mvs hardest (, ikaruga, radient silvergun, ghouls and ghosts arcade, magician lord, virtual on: ontario tangram, super puzzle fighter 2, cosmc smash, bangai o (treasure seem good at making difficult games) and super street fighter 2 turbo (US). cheers konan
  6. any chance of me converting it and ftping to xbox?
  7. ive d'ld some outlaw star episodes ripped off a dvd which xp recognises as an ogm file. what is one of these and how to i convert into a valid film format to say be able to play on divx player. cheers in advance
  8. newbie question but where do i go to find the fbaxxx.ini file for editing. cheers
  9. samsho special looks awesome. huge improvement over the lame ss5. and its coming to the xbox to boot!
  10. opened with hex editor and located the 266-m1.bin text string on the right and a bunch of numbers mostly double zeros on the right. where should i look for the inverted crc. cheers
  11. ive got the set that works fine but fbaxxx specifies the m1 bin should be 256k in size whilst mine is 128k. is there anything i can do in the dats or should i start hunting down another pim.zip. or can anyone help with the fill. its 266-m1.bin. cheers in advance
  12. agozer - when changing extensions should i change them all currently the romset is named like svc_c1.rom but the dat specifies 269_c1 etc. theres a svc_m1.rom. is all i need to do is just change that to m1d.bin or is there more?
  13. well originally it was m1 but i changed to see what would happen and nothin.
  14. managed to get most newer roms working except svcplus.zip. checked the file and theres an m1.rom file but fbaxxx keeps saying theres no m1d bin even after renaming the extension from rom to bin and changing the dat. any advice. cheers
  15. okay im pretty new to this xbox emu scene but after hearing fbaxxx is the way to go ive decided to give it a shot. ive downloaded the 19.5 mb file off gogos site and the default xbe plus have the neccessary newer roms such a svc plus. can anyone give me some stepwise advice on how to get it from pc to xbox including modifying rompaths etc cos the majority of my roms are already on the xbox. plus will the dashboard recognise the new programm cos ive never transferred a program before via ftp just roms and mp3s etc. as always cheers in advance.
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