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  1. Which Emulator's have the garbled screen? Is your Xbox PAL or NTSC, and if PAL, are you in NTSC mode? Which dashboard are you using, (XBMC, UnleashX .etc) and is it set to 720P ?
  2. I made a quick Demon's Crest video at 640 x 480. Demon's Crest WMV
  3. Think it's just playback. You can record on the PC version of Nestopia though
  4. DaphneX and ScummVM Xtras in the wild. Visit the channel if you need help finding them
  5. Darknior, smb works in coinOPS (tried it in R7 at least). I had the roms shared from my PC (Windows) and worked ok.
  6. BP, instead of thanking the work of freakdave, weinerschnitzel & co, you say "I'll stay out of any arguments". Yet you are starting an argument with cbagy. Well done to all who have contributed to this release of Surreal, thanks guys.
  7. We have an IRC channel too (not sure if it has been mentioned) #RessurectionXtras on Efnet Go to Mibbit.com for an easy way to connect
  8. Einhander R-Type Delta Final Doom ISS Pro Evolution Junping Flash Overboard! Rollcage
  9. Tried Netplay using MednafenX_NES and SNES9Xbox, and while they work, are either very laggy or does not work correctly (SNES9XBox) For SNES9Xbox, netplay isn't fully implemented yet, I believe.
  10. interesting idea, that would be a nice feature
  11. Crying? I said nothing bad. Got your CoinOPS Reignite X, very nice, thanks
  12. That looks awesome. I will download nestopiaX now after seeing that screenshot. Frank where are you? Would love to see this skin
  13. oh alright, here you go.......................
  14. here's the demo http://www.qwak.co.uk/pages/download/
  15. join the IRC channel at #Surreal64ce on Efnet
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